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You know better than anyone that every second of uptime equates to increased revenue, productivity and opportunities. That’s why you need a transport solutions partner that offers innovative solutions to keep trucks on the road and money in your pocket. Volvo Trucks Uptime Services is a unique suite of products and services designed to give you unprecedented control over fleet operations.

Remote Diagnostics

Remote Diagnostics can help avoid unexpected downtime by monitoring your Volvo engine, I-Shift and aftertreatment. It’s a powerful tool that results in an over 70% reduction in average diagnostic time and a 22% reduction in average repair times.

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Volvo Action Service

Real people. Real solutions. Real fast. The Volvo Uptime Center offers around-the-clock assistance anywhere in Canada and the United States. Within minutes, your driver is connected to a member of Volvo Action Service, a team of highly trained uptime experts who can quickly manage service, schedule repairs, or tackle any other issue that happens on the road.

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Everything you need, all in one place. ASIST is a simple, web-based tool that lets you monitor vehicle status, receive electronic estimates, approve repairs, issue purchase orders, and communicate directly with your dealer—regardless of your truck’s location.

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Uptime Services

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Volvo Trucks Uptime Services helps trucking operators keep their businesses moving. One of them is Alabama Motor Express.

Inside Volvo: Uptime

At Volvo’s Uptime Center, technology and people come together to keep trucks moving. Meet the people behind the scenes.