Predictive cruise control

Now every road is worth remembering.

Combine I-Shift with an intelligent cruise control and you get I-See. It's a unique system that learns the topography of the road. Later on, it automatically uses its knowledge to save fuel when the intelligent cruise control is engaged.


When I-See knows an uphill grade is coming, it increases speed in preparation. Once the climb begins, I-See uses its stored knowledge to avoid unnecessary downshifts towards the top. You approach the crest smoothly without wasting fuel in a lower gear at the top of the climb.


Just before the slope, I-See engages Eco-Roll,® which disengages the driveline and lets the truck roll for the optimum period before re-engaging the driveline. This saves energy and minimizes the need for braking. I-See also knows when the slope ends. So it can apply the engine brake gently in time, rather than abruptly at the end, or continue to gain momentum for an upcoming hill.

Turbo Compounding Calculator

The new D13 with Turbo Compounding captures and harnesses energy typically lost through the exhaust to recover lost horsepower and improve fuel economy.

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I-See Predictive Cruise Control

Volvo's I-See option employs self-learning knowledge of road topography to work with I-Shift, optimizing the truck's speed and gear-shifting in the most fuel-efficient way.


I-Shift For Severe Duty

Combining efficiency and durability, the I-Shift for Severe Duty 12-speed automated manual transmission is designed for rigorous on/off-road work in construction and heavy-haul applications.


I-Shift With Crawler Gears

When steep-grade startability and low-speed maneuverability are critical, the I-Shift with Crawler Gears is the answer for maximum GCW loads, enabling controlled travel at extremely slow speeds.

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