• 11/2/2018
  • 15 min

Transport Improvements

  • Volvo Trucks NA
  • 11/2/2018
  • 15 min

The best-in-class layout of the of the new VNL interior cabin may be just what is needed to attract new drivers to a career on the road.

The trucking industry is facing a driver recruitment challenge. The ranks are getting older while demand is rapidly growing. Recognizing an opportunity, Volvo Trucks has designed a driver experience that represents a whole new appeal to life on the road. Simply put, the new Volvo VNL Series is not your daddy’s sleeper rig.

With long-haul drivers out for two to three weeks at a time, a restful night’s sleep is critical. Volvo Trucks has not only designed larger sleepers (70 inch and 77 inch), it has also developed a hybrid mattress that combines superior comfort with a range of reclining positions, making for more complete rest and recovery.

We consulted with thousands of drivers, both male and female, to deliver the most livable, accommodating cabin space on the road.

Brian Balicki

Chief Designer for Volvo Trucks

Throughout the interior cabin, innovations in materials and design exude comfort. Streamlined surface contours and fabrics absorb sound and vibration while enhancing precise climate control. Cool, ambient lighting creates a low-stress atmosphere, and ergonomic “creature features” put charger ports, headphone jacks, lighting, temperature settings and audio controls within easy reach.

Volvo Sleeper Bunk

“In our research we consulted with thousands of drivers, both male and female, to deliver the most livable, accommodating cabin space on the road,” said Brian Balicki, Chief Designer for Volvo Trucks. “The Volvo VNL Series is the ultimate expression of what drivers wanted most, and what the next generation expects.”

That expression is immediately felt behind the wheel. The multi-setting seat and headrest, “Position Perfect” steering column, on-wheel instrument cluster and other digital amenities offer state-of-the-art integration of comfort, safety and efficiency. The optional infotainment center serves as an onboard interface with Apple, Android or Google devices to serve data and content as needed. The view from the cockpit has never looked better.

The trucking industry is changing. Nowhere are those changes more evident than in the best-in-class experience that makes the job of driving a Volvo Truck more appealing than ever before.

  • Larger beds and advanced mattress construction with one-of-a-kind reclining bunk
  • Innovative materials, surface aesthetics and ambient lighting
  • Spatial considerations accommodating all drivers
  • Comfort, ease of operation and safety presented in a premium setting
  • Advanced integration of ergonomics, communication and performance

Driving Progress

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