• 3/6/2020
  • 10 min

Tough Inside and Out

  • Volvo Trucks NA
  • 3/6/2020
  • 10 min

The new VHD is designed to set a new standard for vocational trucks, and that includes driver environment. Volvo Truck’s latest interior enhancements are found throughout the VHD’s cab.

“In the new VHD, Product Design wanted to deliver an interior that has the premium level of modern comfort and warmth you might come to expect from Volvo,” according to Brian Balicki, Head of Design at Volvo Trucks North America.

Optional features like an ergonomic dash, Position Perfect Steering wheel, and seats with extended travel paths for orthopedic support, instantly make this latest VHD the most comfortable vocational truck on the market.


 “The interior design originated with drivers coming into our studio. They gave us feedback on everything you would experience from the driver’s seat,” says Balicki. Controls are placed close by, both on the wheel itself and in the ergonomic dash set up, with the most used switches strategically placed nearest the driver. “We’ve refined the controls and user experience to best suit the vocational application by placing all the primary features and functions within reach,” Balicki adds.


Because of the high levels of noise associated with vocational applications, the VHD comes standard with double-sealed doors, as well as an insulated cab and hood. The body builder module and wide space between the interior seats can allow specialty controls to be mounted right beside the driver in applications such as snow plows.

“Vocational drivers have an especially demanding job,” says Balicki. “We wanted to give them the best work environment possible. With the new VHD, we think we’ve done just that.”   

Vocational drivers have an especially demanding job. We wanted to give them the best work environment possible.

Brian Balicki, Head of Design, Volvo Trucks North America


Driving Progress

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