Volvo Truck Greensboro

The shape of trucks to come

A brand new truck for regional haul has to be street smart. It’s got to be designed and developed for the demands of the road and the needs of every fleet. It must be lighter and more efficient.

Up the street

The new Volvo VNR is all that, and much more. It is designed to attract a new generation of drivers with an improved I-Shift, an innovative, one-of-a-kind Position Perfect Steering wheel and the most ergonomic seats on the road. And it's built for maximum versatility, a truck that delivers productivity in every job.

Read the Top Ten Stories, and you will understand why the Volvo VNR is the shape of trucks to come.

  1. Design
  2. "I love how purposeful this truck feels. It’s a work truck, but a dynamic, premium work truck"
  3. 1: Design
  4. Versatility
  5. The flyweight champion
  6. 2: Versatility
  7. Volvo Trucks driver cabin
  8. We didn’t design this amazing space, drivers did
  9. 3: Driving
  10. Volvo Truck VNR on a bridge
  11. Smooth operator
  12. 4: Maneuverability
  13. Volvo Truck VNR
  14. Less is more
  15. 5: Engines
  16. I-Shift
  17. Want better drivers?
    Shift to I-Shift
  18. 6: I-Shift

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  20. Safety
  21. Be careful out there
  22. 7: Safety
  23. Volvo Trucks Dealer
  24. A bigger deal
  25. 8: Dealers
  26. Uptime
  27. Truckspotting
  28. 9: Uptime
  29. Cost of Ownership
  30. In the end it all comes down to one thing
    The bottom line
  31. 10: Cost of Ownership