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D11 Overview

Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Weight

The Volvo D11 is a fuel efficient, lightweight engine designed to improve reliability and minimize cost of operation.

Volvo Power

325-425 hp, 1250-1550 lb-ft.

Lightweight and efficient, the D11 offers seven ratings starting at 325 hp, up to a maximum rating up to 425 hp and 1,550 lb-ft torque.


Reliable Architecture

Proven across billions of miles in markets around the globe, Volvo's engine architecture provides a solid, reliable foundation that keeps trucks on the road, producing revenue.


Bulk, LTL, Distribution

Designed to improve reliability and minimize the cost of operation, the fuel efficient, lightweight D11 is ideal for bulk, Less-Than-truckLoad (LTL), and distribution applications.

Like all of Volvo's engines, the D11 is built on a foundation of proven, developed architecture that leverages innovative hardware to maximize efficiency. Energy that is normally lost is recovered with standard features including low-friction pistons and a two-speed water pump. A standard hybrid common rail fuel injection system gets the most power out of every drop of fuel. Our reliable variable geometry turbocharger compresses and moves the intake air while providing the correct back pressure to drive the EGR process.

The D11 delivers performance competitive with larger engines while maximizing fuel economy.


Turbo Compounding Calculator

The new D13 with Turbo Compounding captures and harnesses energy typically lost through the exhaust to recover lost horsepower and improve fuel economy.

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Volvo Powertrain

Truck Models Using 11L Powertrain

Sold in the VAH, VHD, VNL and VNR, the D11 is the perfect choice for applications that demand maximum fuel efficiency and minimum weight.

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Variable Geometry Turbocharger

The Variable Geometry Turbo efficiently compresses intake air while providing optimized back-pressure to drive the EGR process. Also supercharges engine brake for high retarding horsepower at low rpm.

High-Efficiency Aftertreatment

"One-box" aftertreatment system offers smaller packaging and reduces weight by 17 pounds from previous systems. Provides better thermal encasing of exhaust energy, improves muffler efficiency.


Improved Fuel Efficiency

Offering an impressive mix of power, efficiency, and value, all Volvo's engines are OBD 2016-compliant and built on a foundation of proven, developed architecture that leverages innovative hardware to maximize efficiency.

Intelligent Shifting

The Volvo I-Shift makes drivers more productive, always monitoring grade, speed, weight, and engine load, shifting when necessary or holding a gear - whichever saves more fuel.

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