Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST)

Losing control, jack-knifing, and rolling over are three of the most dangerous incidents a driver can face. Standard on all VNL tractors, Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology, or VEST, continually monitors driver inputs and normal driving parameters. When VEST detects that the truck is dangerously close to an event such as a rollover, the system automatically reduces engine torque and selectively applies the necessary braking to help get the truck back on course.

Volvo Active Driver Assist

Volvo Active Driver Assist is always active, providing stationary object detection with stationary vehicle braking, which sends audible and visual warnings if a non-moving, metallic object is detected in front of the truck. Braking assist will be applied – at speeds greater than 15 mph – when the system recognizes the stationary object as a vehicle, independent of whether cruise control is engaged. The driver will receive a warning up to 3.5 seconds before an imminent impact with the stationary vehicle, and, if no action is taken by the driver, Volvo Active Driver Assist will automatically engage the brakes.

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Lane departure warning.

This safety system uses a windshield-mounted camera to track roadmarkings. If the truck begins to drift, audio and visual alerts warn the driver to get back into the correct lane.

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Just Drive

An automated manual transmission with digital intelligence. Volvo has made the industry’s most advanced automatic transmission even better.

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