Why Volvo

Fuel Efficiency

Innovation with purpose—to save you money.

At Volvo fuel efficiency is a vital part of ourcommitment to your business and ultimately, to the planet we all share. That’s why we’reconstantly challenging ourselves to find new and improved ways to make Volvo trucks the most fuel efficient trucks on the road. Fuel efficiency is more than a single feature, it’s a combination of customized solutions working together in perfect harmony. The result is fuel-efficiency custom built to cut your operating costs.

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Driver Productivity

Open space. Packed with features.

A comfortable driver is a more productive driver. Volvo starts with a solid chassis, smooth-riding air suspension and precise, automotive-like handling. The well-insulated cab offers a quiet ride, great visibility, adjustable and supportive seats, and a wraparound dashboard designed to keep all controls within easy reach.

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Volvo is safety.

Since 1927, our brand has used safety as the guiding principle for everything we build. We were the first company to introduce 3-point safety belts as a standard feature, and to this day are the only company to provide driver-side airbags standard in every truck we make. Volvo’s commitment to safety protects your business by putting the well-being of drivers—your most valuable asset—first. Intelligent design that maximizes comfort and visibility combined with advanced safety technology helps drivers avoid or minimize accidents, keeping them safe while reducing cargo loss, downtime, and accident-related insurance costs.

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Ready for whatever lies ahead.

You know better than anyone that every second of uptime equates to increased revenue, productivity and opportunities. That’s why you need a transport solutions partner that offers innovative solutions to keep trucks on the road and money in your pocket. Volvo Trucks Uptime Services is a unique suite of products and services designed to give you unprecedented control over fleet operations. Maximize uptime, increase maintenance efficiency, and protect your trucks with protection plans customized to your needs. Nothing can slow your business down when you know the road ahead.

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Driving Progress

Volvo Trucks

The Volvo Trucks Lineup

Whether you’re crossing continents, traversing city traffic, carrying timber on muddy roads, or distributing food before the sun rises, there is a Volvo truck that is a perfect fit for your needs.

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With more than 360 dealers across North America, Volvo’s Uptime Services help you through every step of a service event, and make sure your trucks stay where they belong—on the road.