There’s an old saying in trucking—if the wheels aren’t turning, you’re not earning. Uptime is money. “Over the past 30 years, it’s been ok to tell drivers it’s going to take four days to fix their breakdown,” says Mark Curri, senior vice president of uptime and customer support “That’s not acceptable anymore.”

For Volvo Trucks improving uptime is about equipping the right people with the best technology. Building an advanced telematics platform into the new Volvo VNL, for instance, allows the team of dedicated professionals at the Volvo Truck Uptime Center in Greensboro, NC, to see what’s going on with every new truck on the road, 24/7.

This allows more seamless interaction between the expert personnel of Volvo Action Services and customer decision-makers and drivers.

Using Remote Diagnostics, The Volvo Action Services team can intercept issues before they happen, and help customers make the best decisions about what to do next. On the new Volvo VNL, those Remote Diagnostics will be even more exact thanks to its ability now to capture what is happening in the engine 45 seconds before and 15 seconds after a code is triggered.


“Before we just had a snapshot. Now, we have a movie.  We can see what parameters were peaking leading up to the event,” says Mark Curri, senior vice president of customer and uptime relations. “If you’re looking at diagnosing trucks this is the holy grail. It puts us in a much better position to see the broader picture and the context around why a code is triggered.”

We’re the leading uptime solutions provider in North America

More parts tracked Volvo Trucks monitors each new truck’s Volvo engine, after-treatment and I-Shift transmission. No other manufacturer tracks all of these components.

When diagnostic codes do pop up, Volvo Uptime specialists alert decision-makers to required action.  Often they can warn a driver that a part may have issues hours before it does, and guide the driver to assistance.

A voice from start to finish A major differentiator in the Volvo process is the human touch, says Ash Makki, product marketing manager. Only Volvo Trucks guarantees a person on the phone through the entire process.  Live, Volvo-trained advisors are tracking trucks day and night, nationwide helping customers solve problems.

“These aren’t third-party contractors,” says Makki. “They know your specific truck and your locale and where the best resources are for your issues. The driver is always talking to a truck person. If the operator is not an expert on that topic, they’re sitting among those experts.”

We’re the only ones that guarantee a person on the phone who knows your truck

Perfecting the process When a diagnostic code is triggered, the support team goes to work. Advisors will guide the driver the appropriate service facility. This might involve one of an expanding number of advanced dealer facilities called a Certified Uptime Center. Volvo Trucks is encouraging the development of these advanced facilities nationwide to expedite repairs. When a driver pulls into a Certified Uptime Center, an innovative intake process determines what happens next.

With remotely collected information already in hand, a technician immediately diagnoses the truck, which is then routed to an appropriate service bay. Some bays are dedicated to complex service, others to fast-track repairs with a goal of getting back on the road in hours.

“We’re seeing a substantial reduction in repair time at our certified centers,” says Makki. “Our ability to accurately diagnose the problem has increased dramatically.”

“Volvo is the leading uptime solutions provider in North America.  It’s a value we’re bringing to customers by linking them in real time with their vehicles. We don’t tell them they have a problem, we let them know there’s an issue and give them a solution.”

Uptime Highlights

Uptime Center

Volvo's voices

The Volvo Uptime Center in Greensboro, NC, features approximately 50 advisors on call at all times. When issues occur, Volvo Trucks guarantees customers speak to a knowledgeable person who can guide them to appropriate repair centers and, when necessary, book hotel rooms, find rental replacements and other support services.


Unmatched integration

No other manufacturer offers the seamless integration of Volvo Trucks' ASIST service management tool is a platform that links dealers, customers and Volvo support staff through a common interface. Truck and customer info automatically populates forms at repair centers. Decision makers are notified if critical codes pop up. Diagnostic data collected remotely from the vehicle arrives at the repair center before the truck does.

Remote Programming

Over-the-air updates

The new Remote Programming allows Volvo customers to perform over-the-air powertrain software and parameter updates. “We’re proud to bring a true over-the-air solution to market,” says Ash Makki. “Now customers can quickly and easily perform updates to help improve the performance and efficiency of their vehicles.”