VNL Top Ten

The shape of trucks to come

You recognize big change when you see it. The new Volvo VNL looks fast even when it’s standing still. On the road, aerodynamics and turbo compounding helps to save up to 7.5% fuel.


Inside, drivers will notice remarkably better work and living spaces. A new 70-inch sleeper featuring a reclining bunk and telescopic ladder. An innovative, one-of-a-kind steering wheel, a high-end infotainment system and the most ergonomic seats on the road. All combined with improved uptime services and even more safety features to keep drivers on the road.

Read the Top Ten Stories to find out even more details that add up to big change in the shape of trucks to come.

  1. Volvo Truck passing by a coffee shop
  2. "Everything is dynamic, everything is flexible, everything is high-performance."
  3. 1: Design
  4. VNL Inside
  5. The world at your fingertips
  6. 2: Driving
  7. Volvo Trucks cabin
  8. The best thing that’s happened to sleep since pillows
  9. 3: Living
  10. Volvo Tucks Safety test
  11. The world’s safest Volvo
  12. 4: Safety
  13. Engines Plant
  14. "I couldn’t believe it was possible
    to save 6.5% fuel."
  15. 5: Engine
  16. Volvo Trucks I-Shift
  17. The great shift
  18. 6: I-Shift
  19. Volvo Trucks VNL
  20. "It’s a win-win for fuel efficiency and performance"
  21. 7: Applications
  22. Volvo Trucks Dealer
  23. A bigger deal
  24. 8: Dealers
  25. Uptime Services
  26. Truckspotting
  27. 9: Uptime
  28. Cost of Ownership
  29. In the end it all comes down to one thing
    The bottom line
  30. 10: Cost of Ownership