Designed with the driver in mind.

Not just a workspace, a space that works.

No two drivers are exactly alike, so we set out to design a working space built on a proven, solid chassis that delivers a smooth ride and precise, nimble handling.
Customize your ride

The VNL’s thoughtfully configured interior lets you choose from three different trim levels, all developed to stand up to the rigors of long-haul operations.

  • Limited

  • Touring

  • Fleet

Position Perfect Steering

With a three-way neck tilt, drivers have an almost endless array of choices for positioning the wheel exactly where they prefer it.

Driver information display

The dashboard on the VNL has been optimized to reduce distraction by displaying the critical information a driver needs at a quick glance and by grouping frequently used controls within easy reach.


Our infotainment system in the VNL features a seven-inch color touchscreen, integrated premium audio system, Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi capabilities. Drivers can add navigation tools and third-party applications, including Apple CarPlay.

Comfort comes standard

The VNL seating has been refined based on extensive ergonomic research. From smallest to largest, drivers will benefit from optimized seat placement, increased range of adjustment, and accessible controls.

Modular rail system

The modular rail system allows for the addition of up to 4 cup holders and a variety of aftermarket storage options. A storage bin or mounting platform for mobile devices is available within the system.

System control, close at hand

To keep the driver’s hands on the wheel, multiple systems can be controlled through steering wheel-mounted switches. The touch-friendly switch layout enables cruise control, entertainment, and other settings to be adjusted without diverting attention from the road.

Easy in and out

Doors are 3+ feet wide, 4+ feet high, and open a full 70 degrees for ease of access. Ergonomically placed, internal grab handles prove the safest and most secure way in and way out of the cab.

The world at your fingertips

Designing the dashboard and infotainment system for the new Volvo VNR regional haul series and Volvo VNL long-haul series began with the simple concept of making everything easier for the driver to access.

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