VHD 300FVHD 300BVHD 400
DescriptionDaycab designed for applications requiring a bridge-law compliant wheelbase.This daycab provides maximum maneuverability on the jobsite, available for straight-truck and tractor applications.Flat-roof sleeper designed for heavy-haul applications requiring overnight rest periods.
ApplicationsLocal Haul/ Short HaulLocal Haul/ Short HaulShort Haul/ Regional Haul
Cab TypeDaycabDaycab42” Sleeper
Wheelbase per axle configuration138"-217" 4x2
150"-225" 6x4
173"-217" 4x2
174"-225" 6x4
193"-217" 4x2
191"-225" 6x4
Wheelbase alternate configuration146"-217" 6x2 Tag
195"-217" 6x2
165"-217" 6x2 Tag
217"-232" 6x2
179"-215" 6x2 Tag
224"-236" 6x2
Interior Height61"61.5"76.5"
Interior Width83.5" door to door83.5" door to door83.5" door to door with 75"x36" mattress

VHD Exterior

Rugged front and rear axles provide extra durability for tough vocational applications.

VHD Interior

Comfortable and quiet so you can stay alert the entire workday – and still have enough energy to enjoy your off-duty hours.

VHD Features

Serious off-highway capability and premium on-highway features are combined in our versatile vocational performer the VHD.