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Volvo Trucks Congratulates Ploger Transportations During Run on Less Roadshow

Volvo Trucks congratulates Joel Morrow of Ploger Transportation on his exceptional fuel efficiency performance during the Run on Less freight efficiency roadshow. Morrow achieved more than 140 ton miles per gallon – defined as payload moved – over the course of more than 6,300 miles driven, loaded at an average gross weight of nearly 62,000 lbs., during the roadshow, making his operations among the most efficient or the seven participating companies.

Volvo Trucks Introduces Genuine Painted Parts Program

Volvo Trucks North America announced today that it now offers a Genuine Painted Parts Program, delivering genuine, factory-built replacement parts, custom painted for pre-order or quick turnaround.

Volvo Trucks North Americas Worlds Largest Unboxing Film Racks Up Nearly 25 Million Views

Volvo Trucks North America’s “World’s Largest Unboxing” film is setting records in more ways than one. Just a little more than two weeks since its launch, the film has been viewed nearly 25 million times, making it Volvo Trucks North America’s most-watched film of all time.