Lower your total cost of ownership and enhance vehicle value.

At Volvo Trucks, we have a long tradition of enhancing the value we deliver to our customers, starting with your initial purchase and continuing throughout the life of your truck. We know that every second of uptime equates to increased revenue and productivity. When you’re faced with downtime, our innovative and efficient aftermarket parts solutions will get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Choosing the right part for your specific vehicle and situation can save you time and money for years to come. It can lower your total cost of ownership and increase vehicle value when it’s time for resale.

Our portfolio of parts resources includes a variety of options to give your vehicle best-possible performance, increased reliability and longer life, regardless of make, model, age or application.  

Volvo Genuine Parts: Premium Parts, Superior Solutions.

Volvo Genuine Parts are premium truck parts specifically built for Volvo trucks and tested to meet original Volvo manufacturing standards. Genuine Parts help you maintain your Volvo truck’s dependable performance and maximize vehicle value.

Volvo Genuine Parts provide

- Proprietary parts designed for optimum truck performance and power

- Industry leading warranties

- Lower total cost of ownership over lifespan of the truck 

- Increased resale value

Visit Volvo Genuine Parts to learn more.


Volvo Reman: As Good as New for Great Value.

Volvo Reman parts are the best way to get uncompromised Volvo quality and performance at great value. These genuine parts are disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, inspected and reassembled with the most current engineering upgrades. This makes them the most economical option for parts specifically engineered for your vehicle.

Volvo Reman Parts are:

-100% Volvo Genuine Parts 

- Upgraded to the most current Volvo engineering specifications

- Tested to meet Volvo’s rigorous manufacturing standards

- Backed by a strong warranty.

Learn more at Reman Parts


Road Choice®: The Most Trusted All-makes Solution.

The value alternative for OEM, remanufactured and vendor parts, Road Choice offers over 40 product lines. Road Choice all-makes parts are designed to fit your vehicle perfectly at a price that respects your budget. Every Road Choice part carries a minimum one-year warranty so you can keep moving forward with confidence.

Road Choice parts are:

- Precisely engineered to OEM factory standards

- Designed to ensure superior performance and long life

- Backed by a minimum one-year warranty

- Available for purchase at more than more than 500 retail locations throughout North America or online any time through the Volvo Part Store.

Visit www.roadchoice.com for more information.


DEX Heavy Duty Parts: Value, Experience, Commitment.

DEX Heavy Duty Parts is the country’s largest supplier of renovated, recycled and surplus heavy duty and all-makes parts. DEX has more than 3 million parts in stock across more than 30,000 different part types, covering all makes and models. We bring new life to older trucks and help your bottom line as well as the environment.

DEX Renovated Parts are checked for fit, form and function and must fall between the minimum and maximum specifications for each product line. Each item is cleaned and/or painted, and thoroughly tested to ensure quality.

DEX Recycled Parts are dismantled from a vehicle or assembly. Each item is cleaned, inspected and determined as usable in good working condition.

DEX Surplus Parts are in new condition and are received from production facilities, parts distribution centers or dealer and fleet returns.

Learn more at www.dexheavydutyparts.com


Our industry-leading parts programs are designed to lower total cost of ownership and enhance vehicle value through the entire life of your truck.

No matter your truck’s age or application, we have a wide range of quality parts to fit your needs, your budget and your timeline. With more than 400 dealers in our world-class network and thousands of service locations across North America, we’re with you all the way, making sure your trucks stay where they belong—on the road.

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