We invest over $14 million every year to provide advanced solutions that minimize your costs and build your bottom line. Our broad portfolio of aftermarket programs and cost-lowering services is designed to keep your vehicles and your business running smoothly.



Every second of uptime equates to increased revenue, productivity and opportunities. If you run into trouble, we’re here to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Volvo Action Service (VAS) – Volvo Action Service is always standing by to assist trucks and drivers anywhere in the United States and Canada. Just a phone call connects you to an uptime expert who can help with 24/7 roadside service, load forwarding, scheduling repairs and expediting parts.

Remote Diagnostics – Standard in every new Volvo truck, Remote Diagnostics help you avoid unexpected downtime by constantly monitoring your Volvo engine, I-Shift and aftertreatment system, ready to detect problems and schedule necessary repairs.

Diagnostic Tools – Engine troubleshooting is accurate and easy with our proven diagnostic software solutions.

Customer Experience Management – Every dealership in the Volvo network is committed to finding ways to help you save time and money and delivering superior customer service. We’ll always do our best to exceed your expectations.



We understand your business and we’re here to help with smart, flexible financial solutions to protect your cash flow and accelerate your success.

Volvo Financial Services – Whether you operate a single truck or an entire fleet, Volvo Financial Services are designed to expedite your new or used equipment purchases and provide flexible financing for major repairs and replacements. For information about VFS offers, please visit Volvo Financial Services on their web site or Contact Us page.



Managing your fleet’s parts and services costs has never been easier.

Volvo FleetPREFERRED™ – Our purchasing-based program for fleets with 20+ trucks offers 24-hour online access to account activity. Honored at Volvo dealer locations nationwide, FleetPREFERRED takes the guesswork out of pricing and simplifies billing. Protect your bottom line by signing up today at Fleet Preferred.

Volvo Fleet Management Services – Volvo Fleet Management Services deliver intelligent tools that reduce costs while maximizing your truck’s fuel efficiency, uptime and safety.



Minimize downtime with around-the-clock online access to our full catalog of parts.

SELECT Part Store™ – With 24/7 online access to more than 500,000 parts, the SELECT Part Store™ lets you search, select and have the parts delivered directly to you or to your Volvo dealer. Visit https://volvotrucks.selectpartstore.com/Volvo/login.php to enroll.



No matter where you’re going or what you’re hauling, we have a wide range of quality parts and service plans to fit your needs and meet your timeline.

Impact Parts Access – Our free, web-based system gives you fast, easy access to VIN-specific parts for vehicle repairs, service information, major unit serial numbers, parts breakdowns and service bulletins.

Volvo Genuine Parts – Genuine Parts are the best way to maintain your Volvo truck’s dependable performance. Our replacement and service parts consistently deliver the quality you need to maximize uptime and vehicle value.

Genuine Painted Parts – Instead of tying up time, trucks and shop space for major body and paint work, count on our Genuine Painted Parts program for a more productive and cost-effective solution.

Volvo REMAN – Thoroughly tested to meet Volvo OEM standards, Volvo REMAN parts are the best way to spend less and still get uncompromised Volvo quality.

Road Choice® – Road Choice® truck parts provide an all-makes parts option for fleets and owner-operators. Road Choice® offers over 40 product lines of quality, heavy-duty parts, all backed by extensive warranty coverage. Visit the ROADChoice web site for more information.

DEX Heavy Duty Parts
– The nation’s largest supplier of renovated, recycled and surplus truck parts, DEX brings new life to older trucks, helping your bottom line and the environment. Visit dexheavydutyparts.com for more information. Visit dexheavydutyparts.com for more information.

ASIST (Automotive Service Initiation System) – Our web-based service management platform lets fleet managers and service providers work together in real time to expedite repairs and maximize performance for every truck you operate.

Volvo Premium Maintenance – Reduce fleet operating costs with our pre-paid Premium Maintenance Plans. Select the coverage option that fits your needs and lock in parts and labor rates for premium service at any dealership in the U.S. or Canada.

Volvo Guaranteed Overhaul – If you’ve noticed that your engine isn’t performing as well as usual, a Volvo Guaranteed Overhaul could be the ideal solution to restore your engine’s power, reliability and operating efficiency. With a variety of service options, there’s an overhaul package that will fit your budget, schedule and engine condition.

Maintenance Intervals – Today’s Volvo engines produce less particulate matter than ever, allowing us to expand the window for DPF and engine oil and filter changes. Extended service intervals can save you money over the life of your truck, reducing the total cost of ownership.



We’re committed to your success through the entire life of your truck. Our exceptional uptime support and portfolio of cost-lowering services are designed to keep your vehicles and your business running smoothly. We’re here to help you handle the obstacles as well as the opportunities with confidence and peace of mind, now and for the long haul.

For more detailed information on the parts and services available to you, please contact your Volvo dealer.