Slow response. Diminished power. Excessive exhaust. Whistling or shrieking noises. All of these can be signs that your turbocharger is failing. Common causes range from build-up of debris and contamination, to cracked or faulty seals, to normal wear and tear. The only way to know what’s really causing the problem is with a thorough check by your Certified Volvo Technician.

If you and your technician determine that your truck is in need of a new turbocharger, don’t run the risk of more downtime and higher fuel bills down the road. Trust factory-quality Volvo Reman Turbochargers to bring your truck’s engine back to life. 

Engineered to Today’s Standards
Volvo Reman Turbochargers are completely remanufactured to meet exact Volvo OEM/Service specifications, ensuring the best fit and optimal performance. The Volvo remanufacturing process also includes updating each part with all the latest Volvo engineering enhancements, making Volvo Reman Turbochargers the most advanced turbochargers available for your truck.

Like the Turbocharger, the Volvo Reman Turbo Actuator (SRA) for Volvo D11, D13 and D16 engines is built to perform. Before being reassembled using certified Volvo Reman processes, every Volvo Turbo Actuator is

  • completely disassembled and cleaned ultrasonically;
  • given a new circuit board, new harness and connector, and new gaskets;
  • programmed with the most current software to improve responsiveness and fuel economy.

The remanufactured Volvo Turbo Actuator is then tested to meet strict Volvo OE specifications and ensure the best performance. 

Ready to Install
The Volvo Reman Turbocharger Kit includes everything you’ll need for installation and mounting: the Volvo Reman Turbocharger, the Volvo Reman Turbo Actuator and the installation kit with gaskets, seals, crush washer and v-band clamps. The complete kit streamlines installation and minimizes downtime, helping you stay on schedule and on budget.

Proven genuine performance. Proven genuine protection.
Volvo Reman Turbochargers are backed by one of the strongest warranties in the country—100 percent parts and contingent damage, as well as 100 percent labor if the part is installed by an authorized Volvo Dealer. And with more than 300 full-line Dealers in our U.S. and Canadian network, there’s always a Volvo Dealer up ahead. 

Longer life. Top performance. More uptime. 
Volvo is committed to your success through the entire life of your truck, and Volvo Reman parts are one more way we help keep your vehicle performing and your business profitable. Keep your Volvo genuine with Volvo Reman parts.