The Volvo drivetrain is much more than a collection of parts under your vehicle’s floorboard. It’s a fully integrated system of components that work together to achieve peak performance for your heavy-duty Volvo truck. And at the heart of that system is the Volvo I-Shift Automated Manual Transmission (AMT).

The industry’s most advanced AMT, I-Shift uses intelligent electronics to continuously monitor grade, speed, weight and engine load, and then shifts when necessary. This makes driving easier while also significantly improving a truck’s fuel economy – up to 10 percent more miles per gallon compared to manual transmissions. And it’s why more than 90 percent of all new Volvo trucks are now spec’d and sold with an I-Shift.

Another reason why I-Shift is so popular – its minimal service and maintenance requirements. I-Shift’s integrated lube filter guards against foreign particles in the transmission, and the actuator is completely sealed to be maintenance free. Which means the only regular maintenance you need to perform is a transmission fluid and filter change every 250,000 to 500,000 miles, depending on application and I-Shift model.

To optimize how your I-Shift functions and protect against potential damage, always use Volvo Genuine transmission fluid and filters during I-Shift service events.

Volvo I-Shift Transmission Fluid was developed in parallel with the I-Shift to deliver:

  • Better fuel economy – I-Shift Transmission Fluid reduces viscous churn, which ensures smoother gear meshing, easier pumping and better filtering to maximize fuel economy potential.
  • Quicker starts, easier shifts and reduced wear during cold starts – The high viscosity index of I-Shift Transmission Fluid means it will continue to flow without issues, no matter the temperature.
  • Fewer deposits – I-Shift Transmission Fluid features outstanding thermal durability and oxidation resistance to limit deposits. This, in turn, contributes to longer seal life and extended drain intervals.
  • Better protection for extreme loads Whether you’re hauling heavy machinery cross country or navigating poor driving surfaces with loaded trailers, Volvo I-Shift Transmission Fluid prevents premature wear.
  • Smoother and more rapid shifting – Volvo I-Shift Transmission Fluid is optimized to minimize friction, limiting driveline stress and maximizing fuel economy.
  • More miles for less money – With Volvo I-Shift Transmission Fluid, you can extend fluid drain intervals up to 500,000 miles / 60 months, which means more uptime and a lower total cost of ownership.

Volvo I-Shift Transmission Fluid is the only transmission fluid specially formulated to maximize the potential fuel economy benefits of Volvo I-Shift transmissions. And it’s only available from your local Volvo Trucks dealer. Contact the dealer closest to you today to learn more about Volvo I-Shift Transmission Fluid and how it can help your fleet maximize its fuel efficiency. You can also schedule a transmission service and inspection to ensure your transmission is operating at peak performance.

Or, log on to the SELECT Part Store™ anytime day or night to order Volvo I-Shift Transmission Fluid in convenient 1-gallon jugs or 5-gallon pails. With your free SELECT membership, you can confirm parts availability and pricing in real time. Plus, you’ll enjoy prompt parts delivery and members-only discounts. Sign up today!