The benefits of automated manual transmissions (AMTs) are clear. Faster acceleration. Lower maintenance costs. A smoother ride. These are just some of the reasons why fleets and owner-operators alike are making the switch away from manual transmissions.

Probably the most compelling argument for choosing AMTs, though, is fuel efficiency. Some fleets have boosted fuel savings by 10 percent over manual transmissions with the correct specs and smart driving practices. That’s because AMTs recognize when it’s time to shift and do so automatically to maximize fuel use.

Another big reason that AMTs are preferred over manual transmissions is safety. Without the distraction of reaching for a shifter, drivers can stay better focused on the road ahead of them. Plus, AMTs are easy for all drivers to use, regardless of age, experience or training.

When it comes to your Volvo truck, nothing is better suited to work with your powertrain system than its own I-Shift AMT. In fact, more than 90 percent of new Volvo trucks are now spec’d and sold with a Volvo I-Shift AMT.

As the industry’s most advanced AMT, the latest edition of the I-Shift includes upgraded hardware and software, greater durability and a new countershaft brake for improved performance and smoother shifting. The electronic control unit can handle any load and any road, shifting perfectly every time. And clutch durability and torsional dampening have also been improved for both the D11 and D13.

I-Shift also features the innovate I-See software, which continuously monitors road grade, vehicle speed, weight, acceleration and torque demand for optimal performance. In short, I-Shift learns where and how you drive and finds the right gear at the right time for the current road conditions, precision that can help extend the life of your truck’s transmission.

Volvo’s I-Shift is fully compatible with every engine Volvo manufactures and can be upgraded at any time with a software update. With a 2,300-lb.ft. torque rating, I-Shift is available in different versions for specific applications:

  • Regular Duty I-Shift works with Volvo’s I-See predictive cruise control software to study road topography on the go, allowing the transmission to optimize vehicle speed and gear shifting for greater fuel efficiency.
  • I-Shift for Severe Duty is a 12-speed AMT. It features hardened gears and software that can handle frequent shifting under rugged conditions, and is designed specifically to withstand the demands of rigorous construction and heavy-duty applications.
  • I-Shift with Crawler Gears provides the highest-weight capacity in an AMT, and offers stability and maneuverability on rough terrain and at low speeds. I-Shift for Crawler Gears adds either one or two gears to the base 12-speed I-Shift for severe duty.

Turn to the parts and service experts at your local Volvo Trucks dealership to learn more about Volvo’s I-Shift, and its ability to help your fleet maximize its fuel efficiency. And to keep your powertrain running at peak performance, check out the SELECT Part Store™, where you can order I-Shift Transmission Fluid or parts online 24/7, get prompt delivery and receive member-only discounts.