Drivers are going further than ever with Volvo’s newest engine oil, Volvo VDS-4.5 Premium Engine Oil. But those longer change intervals put greater demands on oil filters, which must have the durability and capacity to last up to 60,000 miles.

It’s not enough to rely on oil-filter packaging that promises extended drain intervals. Both the durability and quality of the materials must be considered when selecting an oil filter.

Let’s start with durability.

Low-cost filters are commonly constructed of unsupported cellulose materials. These lower-quality materials are put under constant pressure from truck engines, which pump more than 30 gallons of oil per minute during typical on-highway driving. Over time and under stress, those materials can tear, causing filters to leak or even burst, depleting the engine of the oil it needs to absorb heat from the engine and keep components lubricated.

Without that lubrication, engine damage is almost inevitable, and complete engine failure is a real possibility.

The other concern with low-cost filters is capacity. Low-cost filters are typically built of a course filtration materials that catch only the largest of particles. In many cases, these filters cannot trap small contaminants that continue to flow through and remain in the oil circuit. Those smaller contaminants can cause oil to thicken, which restricts its flow to critical engine parts and reduces fuel economy. They can also clog fuel injectors.

With longer change intervals, those contaminants also will build up over time on the filter material and clog it to the point it is no longer effective.

Oil filters, and all other filters, should be changed regularly as an overall preventive maintenance program.

Volvo Genuine Oil Filters Are Up for the Job

Volvo Genuine oil filters are engineered to withstand the demands of longer drain intervals with superior materials that include:

  • Steel shells, which provide long-lasting durability. The steel shells used in Volvo Genuine oil filters can withstand oil pulsations up to 218 psi.
  • Premium elastomeric gaskets that swell upon installation ensure a tight and virtually leak-proof seal.
  • Super-fine media that can filter out particles in engine oil that are six times finer than a human hair.

Volvo Genuine oil filters are also the only filters manufactured specifically for use in Volvo engines. You can learn more about them at your local Volvo Trucks dealership, or order replacement filters directly from the SELECT Part Store™. With free enrollment in SELECT, you can order parts and fluids whenever you need them, take advantage of members-only discounts, and get fast delivery to your door.