If you’re like many other fleet managers or owner-operators, you may find yourself at a crossroads approximately every seven to 10 years or 800,000 to 1 million miles, when your truck’s engine performance isn’t what it used to be. Should you buy a new truck, or overhaul your engine?

Volvo Trucks offers four different Guaranteed Overhaul solutions to fit any budget, all with the common goal of restoring your engine's power, reliability and operating efficiency. By choosing to overhaul your engine at the onset of decreased performance and fuel efficiency, you can potentially avoid repairs and maximize uptime.

Learn more about each of Volvo Trucks’ levels of Guaranteed Overhaul service below. When dealer-installed, all include Volvo Genuine filters and Volvo Premium oil and coolant:


Our Guaranteed Overhaul BASIC package is our most affordable offering. It includes six piston kits, six cylinder liner kits, a main bearing set, rod bearing set, camshaft bearing set, cylinder head gasket set, lower and upper engine gasket sets and a thermostat.


Volvo Guaranteed Overhaul PLUS packages include all GO BASIC parts, plus a cylinder head.


A Guaranteed Overhaul PREMIUM package returns your engine to its original condition, and includes all GO PLUS parts in addition to a Volvo Genuine Turbo kit and a set of six Volvo Reman Injectors.


Our Volvo Reman Basic ¾ engines, included with the Guaranteed Overhaul Reman Engine package, combine both high-quality remanufactured and 100 percent new parts to provide the best possible performance for increased reliability and longer life. As with every Volvo Reman component, your Reman engine will be remanufactured to Volvo’s exact OEM/Service specs, providing like-new quality without the expense of a whole new truck.

If your truck is experiencing problems such as knocking noises coming from its engine, blue, black or white exhaust, decreased fuel efficiency or reduced acceleration, ask the factory-trained technicians at your local Volvo Trucks dealership to inspect your engine and let you know if it is time for an overhaul. A 3 years/350,000 miles warranty comes standard with any dealer-installed GO PREMIUM or GO REMAN ENGINE overhaul package, and is available for an additional fee with dealer-installed GO BASIC and GO PLUS services.