In order to comply with today’s stringent emissions standards and to accommodate faster EGR rates, which produce more heat, your Volvo truck’s heavy-duty engine is more advanced than any previous generation of equipment. But these advancements in technology make your engine work harder than ever, so it’s critical to maintain proper cooling chemistry and protect your engine from temperature-related damage.

It’s estimated that 40 percent of heavy-duty vehicle downtime comes from poor coolant or poor maintenance, so it’s critical to choose a coolant that is just as high-performance as your engine. Traditional coolants require supplemental cooling additives, or SCAs, to protect against problems like cavitation, corrosion and scale. But when too much SCA is added over time, it creates “green goo” on engine internals that can keep heat from escaping and limit the effectiveness of the coolant. This gel-like layer can also clog filters, radiator holes and hoses, resulting in unscheduled downtime or even engine failure.

Volvo Extended Life coolant, or ELC, is specifically formulated for your Volvo truck’s engine and is good for hundreds of thousands of miles with no SCA or extenders required. Volvo ELC’s advanced carboxylate technology guards the engine by specifically targeting corrosive sites instead of thickly coating the entire surface. It is formulated to flow freely around the combustion area, drawing heat away from critical engine components at a rate of up to eight percent better than conventional coolants that use SCA.

Take an additional step to safeguard your engine by testing the coolant’s boiling point or freeze protection with a refractometer. This will tell you if the coolant contains the recommended ratio of 50 percent coolant, 50 percent distilled or deionized water – a more extreme ratio can negatively affect heat transfer and the performance of cooling system components. Ask the factory-certified technicians at your local Volvo Trucks dealership to test your coolant using a refractometer twice a year, and to analyze its clarity, color, inhibitor levels and pH at every preventive maintenance visit.

With proper preventive maintenance, Volvo ELC can protect your engine for up to 750,000 miles. You can order it online, along with Road Choice’s full line of extended life coolants, any time of day or night with quick delivery through the SELECT Part Store™.