If you’re the owner or operator of a Volvo truck, it’s already clear you value safety, fuel efficiency and driver comfort. And now that the latest edition of the I-Shift automated manual transmission comes standard on all Volvo trucks, fleets that have upgraded to the I-Shift can expect to see an average 1 to 3 percent improvement in fuel efficiency and the potential for lower driver turnover due to the elimination of the manual shifter and clutch pedal.

But with or without automated manual transmission, you’ll achieve optimal function and performance from your truck if its driveline components are designed, dimensioned and tested together. The Volvo Genuine clutch is engineered for smooth starts, gentle gear shifting and a long service life. Volvo Genuine clutches are balanced and tested to handle torque transmission to your truck’s gearbox both at a component level and in our own laboratory, followed by field testing of the complete truck on our roads in extreme weather and road conditions for at least two years.

Volvo Genuine clutches are built to keep your truck running like new and to minimize the risk of damage to other parts of the driveline. A Volvo Genuine clutch offers:

  • A splined hub, which permits the clutch to move back and forth on the shaft and cut down on drag torque during gear shifting.
  • Friction devices in the clutch disc that dampen vibration peaks when the disc runs through the driveline vibration area by increasing resistance in the hub unit.
  • Strong but flexible shock-absorbing springs made of high quality steel. This balance means the spring can better protect the gears by absorbing vibration peaks.

To maximize the lifespan of your driveline components, consider asking the expert technicians at your local Volvo Trucks dealership to install a Volvo Genuine clutch or a clutch plus Concentric Clutch Actuator in your truck. A one-year factory warranty with unlimited mileage is offered on all Volvo Genuine clutches, and because they’re built to seamlessly fit your truck, you’ll minimize downtime for installation.