Fuel filters have a dirty job to do, even with today’s extremely clean fuel. That’s because, after leaving the refinery, fuel travels through pipelines, delivery trucks, storage tanks and dispensing pumps, picking up contaminants along the way.

The most common contaminant is water. During that long trip from the refinery, water is introduced into fuel in the form of condensation. And any amount of water in fuel is a major threat to an engine. Water can cause injectors to seize, reduce fuel’s lubricating qualities, and facilitate rust and corrosion.

The water in fuel tanks is also the perfect environment for bacteria, fungi and microbes to flourish. Give your fuel filter a sniff the next time you change it; if it smells rotten, bacteria is to blame.

Using a high-quality filter will ensure that your fuel runs cleaner, which reduces the risk of downtime and engine damage. Of course, it can be tempting to buy inexpensive filters, but you get what you pay for – lower-quality materials may wear out faster, clog more easily and contribute to lower fuel economy. It’s also important to choose a fuel filter that meets the manufacturer specifications for your engine. While a wider-screen filter can increase the interval between changes, it can also allow damaging contaminants to slip through.

Volvo fuel filters are a smart choice every time. Volvo fuel filters are designed with advanced water separator technology to remove moisture from the fuel, while the ultra-fine filtering media removes particles 20 times smaller than a grain of table salt. This means harmful contaminants are removed before they can lead to costly engine problems.

But that’s not all. The body of each Volvo fuel filter is manufactured from strong 22-gauge steel to withstand pressure fluctuations up to 145 psi. And the high-quality rubber seals remain elastic under changing temperatures to maintain proper sealing against leaks.

The experts at your local Volvo Trucks dealership, can help you monitor the health of your fuel system and its performance. Each time we change the oil in your vehicle, we’ll closely inspect the fuel filter and let you know if it’s time to replace it. You also can order filters and other repair parts online from the SELECT Part Store™. Sign up today for 24/7 online ordering, quick delivery, and special pricing on parts and supplies.