Oil is the lifeblood of your truck’s engine. And, just like you get blood tested periodically to monitor your own health, it’s also a good idea to have your engine oil analyzed regularly.

That’s because, over time, oil absorbs contaminants that can cause abrasive and corrosive wear, and also thicken the oil, restricting flow to critical engine parts and degrading fuel economy. But a comprehensive oil analysis program can identify contaminants early – before they can cause a catastrophic failure or significantly shorten engine life.

Here are the four biggest threats for which oil analysis can screen: 

  1. Dirt – Finding dirt or other abrasive materials in your system could indicate problems with your air intake system. Left untreated, these contaminants can damage pistons, liners, rings and valves, leading to a complete failure.

  2. Soot – Excess soot in your oil can be a sign of exhaust or DPF restriction issues. Over time, thick, sooty oil can clog filters, raising operating temperatures and causing premature wear.

  3. Fuel – If you can smell fuel in your engine oil, you may have a leaky piston or stuck fuel injector. What’s more, fuel can damage exhaust components and cause friction-related wear, so it’s vital to identify the source quickly.

  4. Coolant – When found early, a coolant leak may just require replacing a leaking oil cooler or damaged gasket. But left to linger, coolant leaks can cause oil to thicken, damaging bearings and bushings, and leading to a complete failure.

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