Your Volvo heavy-duty truck came equipped with advanced-design cooling system components built for maximum uptime and a long service life. The cooling system has a big job: controlling engine temperature, ensuring optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency, and supporting efficient heating and cooling of the cab.

Because of its position at the front of the engine, even the best radiator is susceptible to damage during long hours on the road. It often takes the trained eye of a Volvo-certified technician to recognize potential trouble spots before a blown radiator strands you on the side of the road.

If you need a new aftermarket radiator, you’ll want a unit that meets Volvo’s high performance standards. Dura-Lite™ radiators, for example, are reinforced in the places that are most prone to failure, and every one is leak tested before it leaves the factory. When it’s hot outside, you can drive with confidence that your radiator is up to the task.

The charge air cooler (CAC) is another critical cooling system component that should be checked, especially if yours is more than two years old. The CAC ensures that the compressed air coming from the turbocharger is adequately cooled before it goes into your engine.

A leaking CAC can cause:

  • Decreased fuel mileage and low power.
  • High soot levels in the oil.
  • More frequent DPF regenerations.
  • Costly repairs, such as turbocharger failures.

A leak test by a Volvo-certified technician is the best way to determine if your CAC is doing the job. If your CAC needs to be replaced, the Dura-Lite Evolution gives you excellent quality and an unbeatable seven-year warranty.

To protect your valuable uptime, schedule an appointment for a complete cooling system check with the service experts at your nearest Volvo dealership

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