The high-performance engine in your Volvo heavy-duty truck circulates oil at the rate of about 30 gallons per minute. With today’s longer drain intervals, that could be enough to fill before your next oil change.

So to get the very best performance from your engine, it’s important to fill it with top-quality Volvo Premium Engine Oil and install Volvo Genuine Engine Filters. More than just a lubricant, Volvo Premium Engine Oil is specially formulated to handle today’s high engine operating temperatures, long hauls and harsh operating conditions.

Regular preventive maintenance is critical to the health of your engine. Just as you have blood tests for your own health, it’s a good idea to have your engine oil analyzed periodically by Volvo-certified technicians. An oil analysis protects uptime by maximizing your drain interval and preventing potential engine problems.

A multi-point lube and level check should be done during the same service appointment. Your Volvo dealership’s factory-trained technicians will use Volvo lubricants and fluids that, like Volvo Premium Engine Oil, are designed to keep your truck running at peak performance mile after mile.

Volvo Premium Engine Oil minimizes buildup of soot and dirt in the oil, which can cause rings, liners and valve trains to wear prematurely. Volvo Premium Engine Oil is field-proven to isolate abrasive contaminants for more efficient filtration before they damage your engine. Volvo Genuine Engine Filters do the best job of removing particulates and sludge to keep your oil flowing more freely and protecting your engine better.

Using a top-quality oil and filter for your truck means:

  • Better starts.
  • Better fuel mileage.
  • Better low-temperature performance.
  • Fewer top offs.

Your heavy-duty Volvo truck is designed for maximum fuel efficiency and minimum oil consumption. But it’s important to give it the care, the oil and filters, and the lubricants it needs. See the service and parts experts at your nearest Volvo Trucks dealership.

Fleet managers: Ask your Volvo dealership about the advantages of Volvo Premium Engine Oil, Volvo Genuine Engine Filters, Volvo lubricants – and ordering in bulk. Volvo Premium Engine Oil meets or exceeds the performance standards for every truck in your fleet. It can extend the drain intervals of standard oils by up to 25 percent, and maximize engine service life.

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