If you’ve been experiencing decreased fuel mileage, low engine power, high levels of soot in your oil or more frequent DPF regenerations, you could have a leaking charge air cooler (CAC).

The CAC is a key component in your truck’s cooling system, ensuring the pressurized air coming from the turbocharger is cooled to the proper temperature before it goes into the engine. The result is higher efficiency for your engine – and better fuel economy for you.

Here’s an example. If you drive 600 miles a day at $3.00 a gallon for diesel, a leaking CAC could cost you an extra $22 day – or $5,720 over the course of a year. And if you’ve got a multi-truck fleet, the costs just keep multiplying.

A leak-down test is the best way to tell if your CAC is doing its job. Easy-to-use tester kits include a special gauge that you attach to the CAC. Simply pressurize the system and then measure the leak rate. If your system exceeds the engine manufacturers’ specifications below, your CAC needs to be replaced.

Your local Volvo dealer carries a wide range of replacement engine cooling components, including Volvo Genuine Radiators and CACs and radiators for all trucks in your fleet. Contact them today to find out more. And be sure to sign up for the SELECT Part Store™ to take advantage of 24/7 online ordering, quick delivery and exclusive discounts.