If your application requires driving across uneven terrain, as on a job site, your heavy-duty Volvo truck may be equipped with an articulating rear suspension – also known as a “walking beam” suspension. Combined with the precision engineering that Volvo is known for, an advanced-design articulating suspension provides power, efficiency and safe operation in tough environments. 

Interestingly enough, your suspension may be missing something you would expect to find on most heavy-duty trucks – shock absorbers. Articulating suspensions such as can be ordered and installed without shocks. On job sites, shock absorbers may not be needed, because the articulating wheels maintain solid contact with the rises and dips of the ground.

However, if you also drive extensively on the highway, you may prefer the added handling, stability and comfort of shock absorbers. In many applications, shock absorbers minimize wheel hop and improve ride and traction. Shocks can also reduce wear on tires and other vehicle parts.

Your Volvo dealership has top-quality shock and bracket kits that are easy to add to most rear suspensions without major changes to the current parts. They have components to up fit your Volvo and all other trucks in your fleet.

To maximize uptime, fleets should keep a good supply of shocks on hand for ready replacement. Drivers should check their shocks during pre-trip inspections and replace as necessary. This is especially important because shocks are routinely inspected by DOT officers.

Here are a few things to look for to make sure your shocks are in good shape:

  • External damage that can cause leaking or hardware malfunctions.
  • Loose fasteners connecting brackets at the top and bottom that may need to be re-torqued.
  • Gaps between the washers or bolt heads and mounting brackets that should be corrected with new hardware.
  • Bushings as well as the body, for cracks or separation from the collars.
  • Leaking, which indicates worn seals. While slight “misting” is common during compression and extension, a more pronounced leaking indicates the shock should be replaced.

Contact the suspension experts at your nearest Volvo dealership for more information about certified service and Volvo-approved all-makes aftermarket kits and shock absorbers. And shop online through SELECT Part Store™ for ease and convenience – and regular discounts on high-demand parts and supplies.