As refrigerant or Freon circulates through your truck’s HVAC system, it changes radically, transforming from a low-pressure liquid to a high-pressure gas and undergoing extreme temperature fluctuations.

When these pressure and temperature changes occur, water molecules can form. And while water may be essential to live, when it comes to your A/C, water can seriously damage critical components, including the compressor.

Why is water so harmful in your A/C?

    1. Corrosion – When moisture combines with refrigerant in the HVAC system, it forms an acidic solution that can rust critical compressor components and cause them to fail.
    2. Liquid slugging –  If there’s a significant amount of water in the HVAC system, the compressor’s pistons won’t function properly. This can lead to seal and valve damage, as well as a burnt out compressor.
    3. Copper plating – Remember that acidic solution we talked about earlier? In addition to rusting steel, it can also leach copper from other components in the HVAC system, including brass and bronze fittings. This copper then gets deposited in places it shouldn’t be, such as on races and bearings, and the centering ball and fixed gear. And just like rust, copper plating can destroy a compressor.
    4. Degraded oil – The compressor needs oil to run smoothly. But moisture can cause the oil to break down, destroying the compressor’s bearings.

Fortunately, it’s easy to minimize the moisture in your HVAC system.

For long-haul segments, an annual A/C preventive maintenance service, available at your authorized Volvo dealer, is the first step to ensuring your HVAC system is sealed against moisture and contaminants. Regional and vocational-based applications should be checked out every six months due to the high number of starts and stops.

Whether it’s a full flush-and-fill or a simple recharge, we’ve got all the tools and experience to get you back on the road with minimal delay. To help maximize your system’s moisture absorption capabilities, we’ll also replace your receiver-drier. This simple step, which must be done any time the A/C is opened, helps keep your system running well today – and for the future.

Schedule an A/C inspection with your local Volvo dealer today, or ask the parts department how they can best serve your fleet’s HVAC needs. Be sure to visit the online SELECT™ Part Store 24/7 for exclusive discounts on high-demand parts and supplies for your Volvo Truck.