The compressor is the heart of your A/C, circulating refrigerant (Freon) and managing pressure throughout the system. But have you ever stopped to think about how the compressor actually works – and what you can do to keep it running strong?

The most important element for a properly functioning A/C system is pressure: one side of the system must contain high-pressure liquid while the other contains low-pressure gas. And which component keeps both sides properly balanced? You guessed it – the compressor.

But the compressor does more than just maintain the pressure equilibrium in your A/C. Instead, its primary function is to keep the refrigerant circulating throughout the other components in the system, effectively cooling your cab. In fact, the compressor is basically a massive pump, just like your truck’s diesel engine. The only difference is that while your engine processes a mixture of diesel fuel and air, your compressor processes Freon.

Beat The Heat with These 5 Tips

    1. Check the A/C coils to the condenser, evaporator and the cabin filters, Corroded filters will decrease the airflow and will turn the A/C into an ice maker. 
    2. Try using a shop vacuum or condenser brush to clean air coils. Learn more about keeping your truck's condenser clean.
    3. Insulate - use curtains and replace cracked windshields with genuine parts. Your Volvo truck is made with UV protecting and heat reducing windshield glass. This provides optimum visibility and driver comfort during hot summer months. 
    4. Accessorize – Visit your local Volvo dealership to purchase dash fans that have a low amp draw to keep your batteries charged.
    5. Stay hydrated.  

To make sure your compressor is up for the challenge, get your A/C system checked regularly by your local Volvo dealer. Our experienced service technicians will inspect your compressor and other key components for leaks, damage or wear that might impact your truck’s cooling capabilities and make your cab unbearably hot.

Long-haul customers should have their systems examined annually, while regional and vocational-based applications should be checked out every six months due to the high number of starts and stops they experience.

Your local Volvo dealer can help keep you rolling during the hotter days ahead. So call today to schedule an A/C inspection. And visit the online SELECT Part Store™ each month for new discounts on the popular parts and shop supplies you need.