If your truck is running rough, using excessive amounts of fuel or not accelerating like you’d expect, it may be time for an engine overhaul.

Typically performed every seven to 10 years, or every 800,000 to 1 million miles, overhauls provide a great way to get like-new engine performance – without having to buy a new truck. And by getting an overhaul at the first signs of reduced engine performance or decreased fuel economy, you can avoid unexpected downtime and maximize your return on investment.

Some of the issues an engine overhaul can help fix include:

  • Cylinders burning oil, fuel or coolant – Characterized by blue, black or white exhaust, this issue can be caused by worn or damaged piston rings, injectors, cylinder liners, head gaskets or valve and stem guides.
  • Inefficient combustion timing – That engine knocking you hear is likely caused by worn or damaged liner seals, main bearings, piston skirts or valves.
  • Loss of cylinder compression – The main cause of low engine power, loss of cylinder compression can cause reduced acceleration, hard starts, decreased fuel economy and poor engine brake performance. The reason? Worn or damaged injectors, valve stems and guides, piston rings, cylinder liners and head gaskets.
  • Poor oil flow to critical engine components – When the low oil pressure light comes on in your dash, it’s probably the result of worn or damaged main bearings or rod bearings.

Your local Volvo dealer has four overhaul levels available to meet every budget and every need. So don’t let poor performance keep your truck off the road. Get rolling again with an engine overhaul today.