You may have seen it before, the moisture indicator on the top of your truck’s receiver-drier. This window lets you quickly and easily check the health of your A/C’s refrigerant. A blue dot in the glass means the refrigerant is dry, while a pink, white or grey dot points to moisture or acid in the system.

Why is checking the indicator important? Because frequent checks can identify a moisture problem before it damages critical components and causes an unplanned A/C system failure.

To ensure your receiver-drier is functioning properly, schedule an A/C check for your truck today. Then, ask your Volvo service technician to look at the receiver-drier. If the window shows pink, white or grey, our experienced service team will flush your A/C, replace the receiver-drier and refill your system with clean refrigerant.

Even if the window is blue, it might still be time for a replacement. That’s because the desiccant inside the receiver-drier – which is responsible for pulling moisture out of the A/C system – can become less effective over time. To prevent the damage that desiccant degradation can cause, we recommend replacing the receiver-drier every five years, or any time the system is opened for service.

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