Winter weather is here, bringing along challenges that are largely outside a driver’s control. Each year, trucking companies lose more than 32 billion vehicle hours due to weather-related tie-ups in the nation’s largest metropolitan areas. And when the weather clears, more hours are lost repairing and replacing parts damaged in collisions caused by bad weather.

When a collision occurs, the goal is to get a driver and truck back to work as soon as safely possible. By keeping high-quality Volvo Genuine crash parts in stock, you can help turn around a repair job more quickly – saving up to two days downtime for common repairs.

Unlike other aftermarket parts, Volvo Genuine Parts are designed and engineered specifically to meet the specifications of our trucks.

  • Volvo Genuine replacement hoods use a multiple-piece design so that the top of the hood and both fenders can be replaced separately. They are built to fold during front-end collisions to prevent windshield impact.
  • Volvo Genuine bumpers are precision-engineered for quick installation and are aerodynamically designed to improve fuel efficiency. All bumpers are available unpainted or pre-painted.
  • Volvo Genuine grilles are made of the highest-quality, most-durable materials on the market. They are designed to effectively direct air flow across the radiator and extend engine life.

Installing a high-strength bumper or grille guard as a protective measure is worth considering, too, especially on trucks that travel roads where collisions with wildlife are more likely. When you add up the costs of repairs, parts, downtime and potential damage to your on-time reputation, installing a guard seems less like an accessory and more like a smart investment. Guards can help protect costly damage to a truck’s bumper and grille, as well as its lights, radiator, hoses and hood.

Aftermarket guards also can help prevent rollovers and other accidents because drivers that have them installed are less likely to swerve to avoid an impact with an object or animal in the road.

You can learn more about the benefits of using and stocking Volvo Genuine replacement parts at your local Volvo Truck dealership, or order replacement bumpers, hoods and grilles whenever it’s convenient through the SELECT Part Store™. SELECT offers just about everything you’ll need for preventive maintenance and repairs, plus quick delivery and special members-only discounts.