Within a typical service interval, the high-performance engine in your Volvo truck pumps nine gallons of oil through its filters 227,000 times. Over time, that oil absorbs dirt, water, soot and other contaminants that cause it to thicken, restricting flow and increasing your truck’s fuel consumption. If you’re using low-quality oil and filters, you could be shortening the life of your engine with each circulation.

To preserve the health of your engine, keep it filled with the high-quality oil it left the factory with – Volvo Premium engine oil. It’s specially engineered to neutralize soot and isolate abrasive particles that can cause premature ring, liner and valve train wear, issues that can cause engine failure if they’re not detected and fixed during routine maintenance visits. In addition, Volvo Premium engine oil is formulated to protect your engine even at its highest operating temperatures, resisting thermal and oxidative attacks that can lead to carbon deposits and sludge.

For extra insurance against contaminants, be sure to install Volvo Genuine engine filters. They’re constructed of advanced material designed to capture particles six times finer than a human hair, keeping them out of your oil and engine. Volvo engine filters feature premium elastomeric gaskets to ensure a tight seal and can withstand oil pulsations up to 218 psi. Lower quality filters are more likely to break under pressure, potentially leading to engine damage and expensive repairs.

Ask the factory-certified technicians at your local Volvo Trucks dealership to check your oil and replace critical engine filtration components as needed during every preventive maintenance visit. While you’re there, schedule time for a comprehensive oil analysis. For best results, oil analyses should be conducted at least twice a year and should include both a baseline sample of unused oil and a used oil sample. Analyzing used oil can monitor your engine’s oil contaminant levels and provide evidence of dirt ingress, coolant leaks, excessive soot accumulation and abnormal wear. An oil analysis will also help you stay on top of the proper maintenance intervals for your truck, which need to be customized to your application for the best protection and fuel economy.

Be sure to ask your trusted Volvo parts and service experts about Volvo SAE 15W-40 Premium engine oil. Volvo Premium is the factory-fill engine oil for all new Volvo trucks and is field-proven under severe conditions, which means more uptime at less cost for your truck. You can also buy Volvo Premium engine oil in bulk through the SELECT Part Store™, where you can order online 24/7 for quick delivery and specials on parts and supplies.