Steering system problems can be a major annoyance. But a truck that shimmies, requires constant pressure to stay in the proper lane or won’t turn without effort isn’t just aggravating – it’s exhausting. And the extra energy it takes to control a truck with steering system issues puts more than a driver’s stamina at risk – it’s also a safety concern for everyone else on the road.

Steering difficulty can be caused by a number of issues, including a bent or misaligned body or frame, low or uneven tire pressure, chassis/suspension damage or an uneven load. If none of these problems are present, though, a worn or damaged steering gear might be to blame.

In fact, more than 575,000 steering gear repairs are made in the United States and Canada each year. And those vehicles that don’t get repaired quickly contribute to tired drivers and hazardous road conditions.


You can help prevent steering gear failure, and increase safety and driver comfort for your drivers, by following a rigorous preventive maintenance program.

Make sure your drivers report any steering gear symptoms they experience, including a larger than normal turning radius, consistent pulling to the left or right, lash or “play” in steering capabilities, vibration while driving, a clicking or clunking noise when steering, and the need to continually add fluid to the power steering reservoir.

And don’t forget to have your steering system inspected during every oil change, and whenever you take your vehicle in for service. Ask the factory-certified technicians at your local Volvo Trucks dealership to check for:

  • Excess play in the wheels
  • Leaking or low power steering fluid
  • Uneven tread wear on tires
  • Worn steering and suspension components
  • Directional pull, vibration or wandering when performing a road test

In addition, the Volvo service guide advises replacing a vehicle’s power steering fluid and filter at 150,000-mile intervals.


Not all steering gear equipment is created equal, so when the time comes to replace a steering gear, Volvo offers the ideal solution. Our genuine steering gears, remanufactured by TRW, go through a rigorous five-step remanufacturing process to ensure optimal performance and product life:

  1. External inspection. To ensure the finest quality control, steering assemblies must pass a comprehensive inspection before qualifying for remanufacturing.
  2. Complete disassembly. All components are removed and inspected to ensure compliance with TRW specifications. Worn items are replaced with original TRW components.
  3. Parts washing and inspection. A three-stage washing process removes contaminants from all components, which must then pass another rigorous inspection.
  4. Assembly. Discarded components are replaced with the most up-to-date, genuine TRW components. The latest seal design and materials are used for extended product life and performance.
  5. Testing. Every genuine TRW remanufactured steering gear is tested to ensure it meets TRW-specified performance standards.

Not only are TRW steering gears tested and built to exact OEM/service specs for better performance, increased reliability and longer life, they’re also backed by an 18-month, unlimited-mileage warranty.

Contact the parts and service experts at your local Volvo Trucks dealership to learn more about remanufactured steering system solutions. Or visit the SELECT Part Store™ for 24/7 online ordering, quick delivery and members-only discounts.