Hard starts, rough idles, poor acceleration and decreased fuel economy – these are all signs that one of your engine’s fuel injectors may be failing. While it can be tempting to quickly replace just the poorly performing unit, that strategy may end up costing you more in the long run.

During a typical service application, diesel fuel injectors fire every other engine revolution, with each firing roughly 750 times per minute – or 2 million fires per year. Over time, this constant movement can cause injectors to wear out. And since all six of an engine’s fuel injectors operate on the same cycle, when one fails, the other five usually aren’t far behind.

That’s why replacing all six injectors in a single service visit makes the best business sense. This approach allows you to significantly reduce future downtime and lost revenue by eliminating multiple repair events. Plus, you’ll also be able to better control the injection volume, number of injections per RPM (revolutions per minute) and timing of each injection. And that means you’ll get:

  • A more complete combustion, since your engine can now meter the right amount of fuel for every revolution.
  • Reduced emissions and noxious smoke.
  • Increased fuel economy, which could save you thousands of dollars each year in fuel costs.

When it’s time to replace one or more injectors, choose those that are specifically engineered for your Volvo D-Series engine: Volvo Reman injectors.

All Volvo Reman injectors are thoroughly cleaned, inspected for wear and measured to original OE specifications. Then, all critical components and high-wear items are replaced with 100 percent new OE parts, including the:

  • Nozzle, to maximize engine performance and durability
  • Nozzle opening pressure spring, to achieve consistent nozzle opening pressure
  • Spill and control valves, to ensure proper fuel delivery and engine performance, for reduced emissions
  • O-rings, to prevent external leaks and potential engine damage

Once reassembled, each injector undergoes a rigorous 42-step testing process and multiple performance inspections to guarantee optimum quality, performance and function.

Volvo Reman injectors are available both individually and in six-pack kits and come with a one-year, unlimited-mile warranty. But they’re only available from an authorized Volvo Trucks dealer. Contact your local dealership to place an order, or log on to the SELECT Part Store™ any time day or night to order online. In addition to real-time stock checks and 24/7 online ordering, SELECT members can also enjoy exclusive discounts on fast-moving repair parts, and same-day or next-day delivery. Not a member? Your local dealer can help you enroll today.