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Factory-built body parts and assemblies, pre-painted in any factory color.

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Outsource work, not profits.

In the trucking industry, major body and paint work ties up time, trucks and shop space, and can be about as productive and cost-effective as well…sitting and watching paint dry.

What if you could quickly obtain genuine factory-built body parts and assemblies, pre-painted in any factory color, direct-shipped, ready to bolt on and get everybody back to work – all at a lower cost?

Expedite body repairs, lower costs.

For you, your shop, and your customers, the Volvo Genuine Painted Parts Program expedites repairs and lowers costs by providing quick access to factory-built, pre-painted body parts and assemblies, ready to bolt on and go. The program backs up Volvo’s foundational commitments to uptime and productivity, getting trucks out of the shop and back on the road, faster and safer using genuine Volvo parts.

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The Volvo Genuine Painted Parts Program components are available through your regular channel for Volvo parts. Contact your dealer or Parts Manager for more information.

Can’t find your color? You can always use P3029 for quoting purposes, and let your Parts Manager know what color you need loaded and we will get it loaded within one business day of your request.

hoods and bumpers.

Ordering painted hoods from the Volvo Genuine Painted Parts Program offers many benefits. Customer downtime can be reduced by days when you have a backlog in your paint booth. Many dealers order painted hoods in order to create capacity in the shop for larger, more profitable bodywork. Finally, if you currently outsource painting, ordering painted hoods may increase your profit margin on jobs sent to offsite body shops.

Volvo offers the VNL hood in both Standard (SWO) and Large (LWO) Wheel Opening configurations as well as the VNM Hood. The hood mounting hardware is included at no extra cost.

You can also add a painted bumper assembly to your painted VNL or VNM hood order.

Painted and sealed cabs.

Available for all VNL, VNM and VHD models, Volvo’s Painted & Sealed Cab option offers brand-new factory-built cabs, assembled with new OEM parts, sealed and painted in any factory color. The Painted & Sealed Cab option can save weeks off the typical delivery, paint and assembly times compared to ordering individual parts.

The Painted & Sealed Cabs – compatible with all Volvo models manufactured since 2002 – are equipped with: all glass and window seals, even bunk/skylight; prepped doors; and flush-mounted LED back-of-cab lamps. The cab is shipped within 15 days of order approval. Freight is included in the price of the cab.

Semi-groomed daycabs.

Need more than just a painted and sealed cab? Volvo now offers “semi-groomed” VNL, VNM and VHD daycabs, ready for installation of your existing dash and seats. Built with all factory-grade interior trim and completely finished doors, this option can save on typical shipping and assembly times compared to ordering individual parts. The semi-groomed cab is shipped in an enclosed crate within 20 days of order approval. Freight is included in the price of the cab.

The semi-groomed cab option includes:

  • painted/sealed cab
  • Fully-dressed doors
  • headliner/back of cab trim
  • external sun visor w/LED lamps
  • overhead storage console
  • firewall insulation
  • floor mat
  • transmission plate

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Fully dressed hoods.

Need to replace a VNL hood fast? The Volvo Genuine Painted Parts Program now offers VNL hoods prepainted in any factory color, “fully-dressed,” ready to bolt on and go. This option can significantly reduce shipping and assembly times compared to ordering individual parts.

The fully dressed hoods are painted and pre-fitted with the hood mounting brackets, aero hood mirrors, standard headlights, complete front grille, side intake covers, bellows, splash shields, hood insulation package, and the headlight wiring harness.

The fully-dressed hood is shipped in a totally enclosed crate within 5 days of order approval. Freight is included in the price of the hood.

Bulk parts.

Just need a supply of frequently used parts painted and ready to install? The Volvo Genuine Painted Parts Bulk Program is a bulk-buy program with a minimum order requirement of 6 pieces with the same paint code. You can mix and match any combination of program-eligible parts to obtain the 6-piece minimum. Available in any factory color, the parts are painted using a factory-quality single stage paint. The bulk painted parts program offers most VNL and VNM bumper pieces as well as future additions of cowls, cab extensions, visors, chassis fairings and more. If it came painted on the truck, we will be adding the option for you to buy it pre-painted for repairs. In order to save you money, bulk parts are painted using Imron Single Stage paint where available. This reduces the cost to you and is virtually indistinguishable from the Base Coat Clear paint used on hoods and cabs. The bulk pieces are individually packed for ease of handling and storage, then shipped within 7-10 days of order approval.

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