Volvo Remote Programming Registration

We are excited to share with you our 2021 revision to the Customer Profile + Remote Programming registration form!

In an effort to continuously meet the needs of our customers, we have streamlined the process of completing both the ASIST profile and Remote Programming registrations in an online and easy to use format.

It is critical to your customer’s success & uptime that you provide this customer contact information that allows the Uptime support teams to have knowledge about their business and handle event management in the most appropriate manner.  If you have not completed a registration for your customer or believe it should be updated, you may use the form below. Our team can then review and make necessary changes. Also, in the event of any questions, we are able to contact you directly.

With regards to Remote Programming registration; once submitted, our Registration Team will perform a contact verification and vehicle eligibility* check.

(*Only trucks built after October 2016 [Model year 2017, 2018 or above] are eligible for Remote Programming. Eligible trucks must be Volvo-powered with Greenhouse Gas 2017 Emissions and equipped with Remote Diagnostics.)

Note that once your customer’s registration is updated, we will notify you with a confirmation email.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your customers!