The shape of trucks to come

The New Volvo VNL

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Everything is dynamic, everything is flexible, everything is high-performance.

Rikard Orell, Chief Designer

VNL Exterior View

A completely redesigned front-end features improved airflow, along with state-of-the-art LED lighting for improved visibility and reduced maintenance.

VNL Interior View

Inside, seating has been ergonomically optimized, while the dashboard and steering wheel bring controls and information efficiently to the driver with minimal distraction. Our redesigned VNL sleepers make your drivers feel at home on the road.

Why VNL?

The Volvo VNL is built for the needs of today’s—and tomorrow’s—long-haul trucking operations. The VNL delivers long-haul efficiency, along with premium comfort and amenities. As the only long-haul cab built from high-strength steel, the VNL exceeds both of the globally acknowledged crash safety tests.

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VNL 300

VNL 300

Designed to work with the driver, delivering outstanding performance and visibility, the VNL 300 is the perfect solution when your route takes you out and back the same day. Even with its compact configuration, you’ll still find a surprising collection of standard features unique to Volvo that make for profitable, safe and reliable operations.


VNL 400

A versatile and affordable flat-roof sleeper tractor, the VNL 400 is especially well-suited for the unique demands of long-distance bulk haul and specialty applications. With a well-appointed 42" sleeper, the VNL 400 offers a 36-inch wide bed that provides a comfortable rest on overnight runs when delivery routes stretch far from home.


VNL 740

The spacious mid-roof VNL 740 is all about efficiency – designed to make the most out of every drop of fuel. Long hauls are no problem and it’s particularly well suited for weight-conscious specialty applications.


VNL 760

The new high-roof VNL 760 is destined to become our best-selling truck. Inside the new 70” long, 96” wide sleepers, drivers will find plenty of space to handle day-to-day demands, whether it’s catching up on paperwork, taking a meal break, or getting the rest they need for extended days on the road.


VNL 860

Beginning with a redesigned, more aerodynamic front end, the VNL 860 follows up with a panoramic windshield, a new dashboard, and optimized seating to put the driver comfortably in command. When the day is done, the upgraded high-roof 77-inch sleeper has plenty of space, storage and amenities to let team drivers feel at home, away from home.

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  • Comply with valid legal procedures, requirements, regulations, or statutes.

We never sell or rent your personal information to any third parties under any circumstances.  We will share personal customer information and/or purchase history only with our agents, representatives, service providers, and contractors for limited purposes, including but not limited to, fulfilling customer orders; offering certain products and services in connection with this website; communicating to customers; providing customer service; enhancing and improving customers' shopping experience; administering or facilitating surveys or contest; offering targeting marketing communications to users; enabling access to our partners' websites; providing a personalized shopping experience; preventing fraud; and completing payment method processing.

The security of your personal information is very important to us.  In our efforts to protect your online transactions, we use a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).  If your browser is capable of SSL (and many are), your personal information will be automatically encrypted, or encoded, before it is sent over the Internet. If your browser is not capable of SSL, we recommend that you not provide personal information, including credit card information.

Volvo Group's Dealer Privacy Notice regarding the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”)

This notice provides information about the processing of your personal data by the Volvo Group.

The Volvo Group may process personal data about you, if you are or have been an individual, or the employee of a company, that has bought or rented a product or service offered by one of the companies belonging to the Volvo Group. In this case, please read our Dealer notice.

If you are or have been an individual, or the employee of a company, that has sold or rented a product or service to one of the companies belonging to the Volvo Group, we might process personal data about you. In this case, please read our Supplier notice.

If you are or have been the driver of a vehicle, or the operator of a construction machine, sold or produced by one of the companies belonging to the Volvo Group, we might process personal data about you. In this case, please read our Driver notice.

If you are or have been employed by a Volvo Group company or have been engaged as a consultant, we may process personal data about you. In this case please read our Employee or Consultant notice.

Identity and contact details of the controller and data protection officer

Volvo Lastvagnar AB, Volvo Bussar Aktiebolag, Volvo Construction Equipment Aktiebolag, AB Volvo Penta, Renault Trucks Defense, Renault Trucks SAS, Volvo Financial Services Aktiebolag and AB Volvo (jointly referred to as “VOLVO”), as controllers of personal data, are responsible for the processing of personal data that relate to you under applicable data protection laws and regulations.

If you have questions regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact VOLVO’s data protection officer at or by post or phone at:

AB Volvo, Att: Data Protection Office, Dept. AA14100, VLH, SE-405 08 Göteborg, Sweden 

+46 (0)31 66 00 00

What categories of personal data will VOLVO process?

VOLVO will process all or a part of the following categories of personal data:

Contact data; such as name, email address, telephone number

Individual data; such as preferred language, photo, clothing size, food preferences

Organizational data; such as company name, job position, place of work, country

Repair/service data; such as tracking and logging of activities (including warranty claims) undertaken by you in connection with maintenance, repair or service on vehicles

Competence data; such as learning records and training activities

IT-related data; such as user-ID, passwords, log-in details as well as data and logs about your usage of VOLVO’s IT applications or services


If you are a sole trader VOLVO will also process the following categories of personal data:

Financial data; such as credit or payment information, bank account details

Contractual data; such as purchase orders, contracts and other agreements between you and VOLVO


Legal basis and purposes of the processing

VOLVO will process your personal data based on either of the following legal grounds and for the following purposes, see also further details below.

Legal obligation. Example, VOLVO may be obliged by law to report transactions to a tax authority requiring VOLVO to process your personal data.

Contractual obligation. Example, VOLVO may be required to process your personal data to fulfill the terms and agreements of an order or a service contract signed by you or your employer.

Legitimate interests. VOLVO’s legitimate interests include the interest to manage its daily operations according to lawful and fair business practices including managing its relationships with its dealer’s in order to perform contract(s) to which you or your employer is a party and/or to take steps necessary prior to entering into a contract with you or your employer.  Example, VOLVO will need to know your preferred language, to be able to communicate properly with you in day to day activities.


In exceptional cases and only when no other legal ground can be applied, VOLVO may ask separately for your consent to process your personal data for the following purposes. If consent is collected, you are always entitled to withdraw your consent, which will however not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

Promotional communications and marketing purposes such as the sending of our periodic newsletter/magazines, information on our services, promotional and advertising material, invitations to events organized by us or from third-party companies with whom we collaborate.

Dealer surveys purposes, such as end dealer satisfaction surveys, dealer satisfaction surveys, product quality surveys, process improvement surveys.

Personalized services purposes, such as sending you a Volvo branded jacket at your size, or providing you food meeting your preferences when being invited to a Volvo organized event.


From where will VOLVO obtain your personal data?

VOLVO will primarily obtain your personal data from yourself and your employer (excluding financial data in the latter case). We may also obtain your personal data from the company that has sold or rent to you a VOLVO product or service.

Some personal data might also be automatically generated from VOLVO’s IT-system, or equivalent, when you are creating or using access to online services provided by VOLVO.

What happens if you do not provide VOLVO with any personal data?

Some personal data is necessary in order for VOLVO to interact with its dealers for business purposes. Not providing personal data will inhibit the handling and delivery of the products and services that you or your employer might expect from VOLVO. 

How will VOLVO share your personal data? Will it be transferred outside EU/EEA?

VOLVO will normally not share your personal data with anyone outside of the Volvo Group, unless required by law or regulation. However, VOLVO may, if necessary to fulfill the purpose for processing the personal data, share your personal data with other Volvo Group company, including company outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area EU/EEA. VOLVO may also, if necessary to fulfill the purpose for processing the personal data, share your personal data with third party companies and suppliers including companies and suppliers outside the EU/EEA.

VOLVO will secure that appropriate safeguards are in place which provide adequate levels of protection of your personal data as required by applicable data protection laws. For example, this may include the use of intercompany or external data processing agreements based on EU approved Standard Contractual Clauses or EU-US Privacy Shield or such other mechanisms as have been recognized or approved by the relevant authorities from time to time. If you have questions about the transfer, please contact VOLVO’s data protection officer.

For how long will VOLVO keep your personal data?

VOLVO will keep your personal data as long as required to fulfill its legal or contractual obligations taking into account for example the contractual period, warranty and product liability requirements, and no longer than is required for VOLVO to fulfill the purposes for which the personal data was collected.

Your data protection rights

You have the right to request from VOLVO information about the personal data processed about you and access to such personal data. You also have a right to request rectification of your personal data if this is incorrect and request erasure of your personal data. Further, you have a right to request restriction of the processing of your personal data meaning that you request VOLVO to limit its processing of your personal data under certain circumstances. There is also a right for you to object to the processing based on legitimate interest or processing for direct marketing. You have as well the right to data portability (transfer of your personal data to another controller) if VOLVO’s processing if your personal data is based on consent or contractual obligation and is automated.

You also have the right to lodge any complaints you may have regarding VOLVO’s processing of your personal data to a supervisory authority. For more information about these rights and how to exercise them, please contact the VOLVO data protection officer or visit the Data Subject Rights page.

Please correct or fill out the highlighted fields below before re-submitting.