Volvo Trucks Celebrates First Order of the All-New Volvo VNL in Canada by Tobler and Sons Inc.

Volvo Trucks North America is proud to announce that Tobler and Sons Inc., a family-owned logistics company, is the first customer in Canada to order the all-new Volvo VNL. The logistics fleet will add two VNL 860s with the Edge Black interior and exterior trim to their fleet, which is exclusively Volvo trucks. Tobler and Sons recently participated in immersive customer events at the Volvo Trucks’ New River Valley (NRV) assembly plant in Dublin, Virginia, which has been expanded with a new $400 million factory dedicated to building the all-new Volvo VNL. Volvo Trucks is hosting customer events throughout the summer, providing a hands-on opportunity to experience the all-new Volvo VNL and explore the packaging options and trim levels. Production of the all-new Volvo VNL will start this summer, with deliveries beginning later this year.

“These events at NRV have given us a fantastic opportunity to engage with our customers and witness their excitement about the all-new Volvo VNL,” said Matthew Blackman, managing director for Canada, Volvo Trucks North America. “Tobler and Sons has been a loyal Volvo Trucks customer for many years, and I’m thrilled to see their trucks come off the assembly line with distinctive Edge Black trim. Their new trucks will stand out on the road with their sleek aerodynamic cabs and gloss-black accents and finish, making a striking addition to their Volvo fleet.”

Tobler and Sons added their first Volvo truck to their fleet in 1999 and now operate a fleet of 50 trucks, including owner-operators who primarily haul mulch, hay, straw, sawdust, and shavings. The all-new Volvo VNL will provide a 10% increase in fuel efficiency and has been designed to simplify and expedite the service process to maximize uptime, enhancing their fleet’s focus on efficiency and reliability.

“I have been a lifelong Volvo Trucks customer, so I’m very familiar with the performance and efficiency of the platform. I love the streamlined look of the all-new Volvo VNL and knew that I wanted to be the first fleet in Canada to purchase one,” said Martin ‘Marty’ Tobler, owner of Tobler and Sons Inc. “It is an exciting opportunity to come to the plant where my trucks will be assembled, meet the team that designed all the new features and learn how to maximize the benefits of the new trucks.”

With the launch of the all-new Volvo VNL, Volvo Trucks introduced a new spec’ing process, offering packaging options for interior and exterior trim levels, powertrain, technology, amenities, and safety. This consultative approach to configuring and ordering, a first in the industry, streamlines and enhances the configuration and ordering process, enabling Volvo Trucks to deliver added value and cost savings compared to the conventional a la carte spec’ing process.

Sheehan’s Truck Centre, based in Burlington, Ontario, joined Tobler and Sons at the NRV event and provided comprehensive guidance throughout the process of selecting the optimal configuration for their all-new Volvo VNLs.

To explore the all-new Volvo VNL features and trim levels interactively, Volvo Trucks has developed a state-of-the-art online Volvo VNL configurator. This tool provides detailed information on the features and benefits of each trim level and cab option, as well as a 360-degree view of the truck interior and exterior, allowing fleets to customize the optimal truck for their operations.

“Driver safety and comfort are paramount for Marty, and the all-new Volvo VNL's driver-focused design emphasizes these aspects to boost productivity for his team. Marty is committed to providing the best for his drivers, opting for premium features such as the most comfortable seats available,” said Adam Cziraki, heavy truck sales and marketing at Sheehan’s Truck Centre. “We have been working with Marty for a long time to spec out the ideal trucks for his fleet, and the new VNL configurator significantly streamlines that process.”

Given the extensive hours drivers spend behind the wheel, the all-new Volvo VNL features customizable options to minimize fatigue and enhance the driving experience. Innovations include ergonomic seating options, optimized pedal positions, and intuitively placed controls to ease operation and reduce distractions.

CAPTION: Tobler and Sons Inc.’s team attended immersive customer events at Volvo Trucks’ New River Valley Assembly plant in Virginia to learn more about the all-new Volvo VNL trucks they are adding to their fleet. Pictured L-R Peter Currie, senior district sales manager, Volvo Trucks North America; Matthew Blackman, managing director for Canada, Volvo Trucks North America; Kristina Tobler, owner of Tobler and Sons Inc.; Martin Tobler, owner of Tobler and Sons Inc.; Adam Cziraki, heavy truck sales and marketing, Sheehan’s Truck Centre; and John Bowen, fleet sales manager, Volvo Trucks North America.

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