Me and My Volvo: Rob Brackett

When Rob Brackett started his own trucking company in 2012, one thing was certain — he wanted to stand out.

After searching long and hard for a company graphic, Rob Brackett decided that Turbo Turtle – a turtle with a jet pack on its shell — was a perfect fit. “Turbo Turtle represents everything that we do. It’s fast enough to get it done, slow enough to get it right, and green enough to be remembered.” Today, a custom ‘Turbo Turtle’ wrap covers Brackett’s 2016 VNL 630. “The jet pack is good for at least 100 horsepower on good days, bad days maybe a bit more,” Brackett says with a laugh.

The unique truck prompts many reactions on the road. “We have kids with their faces pressed up against the glass; we have adults driving and trying to take selfies,” Brackett says.

Volvo Trucks

“The jet pack is good for at least 100 horsepower.”

Yet, the president of Turbo Turtle Logistics welcomes the increased attention Turbo Turtle receives. “The struggle with building a small company is being recognized, and it means something when our customers remember us,” Brackett says.

However, Turbo Turtle isn’t just for looks. Hauling primarily organic grains and feed ingredients for livestock anywhere from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi, Brackett is pleased with the increased fuel efficiency. “Compared to my previous truck, I was able to cut my fuel tanks down from 100 gallons to 75 gallons each while still maintaining the same driving range,” Brackett says.

Brackett is certainly proud of his truck, and says that Turbo Turtle will have a Volvo sibling in the near future. In fact, he’s already placed an order for a 2017 VNL 630, which includes Volvo’s new I-Shift with Crawler Gears.

The Truck

  • Model: VNL 630
  • Year: 2016
  • Engine: Volvo D13, 500 hp
  • Transmission: Volvo I-Shift
  • Loads: Feed ingredients for livestock, fertilizer, and organic grains

The Driver

  • Name: Rob Brackett
  • Age: 38
  • Lives in: Omaha, Nebraska
  • Company: Turbo Turtle Logistics
  • Background: Started driving trucks when he was 18 years old. Founded Turbo Turtle Logistics in 2012.

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