Me and My Volvo: Dan Prouse

Dan Prouse is a Volvo enthusiast. He drives for Prouse Transport, a family business that his grandfather started in 1934 with a horse and buggy.

“My son has been driving for Prouse for 15 years,” says Dan. “My cousin is the general manager and my dad and his three brothers were previously involved in running the business. Two of them have passed away, but my dad and one brother can still be seen around the yard regularly.” Today, one son from each of the four brothers drives for Prouse Transport. “My sister also works in the office. We are truly a family company.”

Dan is a third generation driver, and has been driving for 39 years. He left the company in 1997, and subsequently drove his first Volvo truck. In 2010, he returned to Prouse and recommended that the company switch to Volvo based on his experience. Prouse now has eight Volvos out of a 22 truck fleet, all of which can be attributed to Dan.

He is extremely proud of his Volvo VNL 730, which is black with a two-tone turquoise stripe on the cab and trailer. Dan hauls primarily automotive and service parts through northeastern and central United States, mainly Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania and Alabama. “I’m very impressed with the fuel efficiency and love the Volvo I-Shift,” he continues.

“The cab is so convenient because everything is within arm’s reach.”

This is a big deal to Dan because his height is only 5’4. “The truck fits me,” he says. ”It’s just an all-round great truck.”

The Driver

  • Name: Dan Prouse
  • Age: 57
  • Lives in: Salford, Ontario, Canada
  • Company: Prouse Transport, Mt. Elgin, Ontario, Canada
  • Background: A veteran driver of 39 years

The Truck

  • Model: VNL 730
  • Year: 2016
  • Engine: Volvo D13
  • Transmission: Volvo I-Shift
  • Loads: Automotive and service parts, general freight

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