The Future of Electric Trucks


Driver Reactions to the VNR Electric

Professional drivers from Dependable Highway Express (DHE), NFI, and TEC Equipment shared their feedback on what it’s like to drive the VNR Electric.

At Volvo Trucks, we have a long tradition of developing market-leading technologies and solutions. But we don’t innovate to impress ourselves or others, we do it to meet a real-life need.

As the need for sustainable transport grows, we’re excited to introduce our next step in electromobility. Electric trucks are now becoming a reality and a viable solution for cities and businesses, contributing to quieter cities, cleaner air and efficient transport.

Read more about different aspects of electromobility and how Volvo Trucks plans to create an electric future, starting with the Volvo LIGHTS project.

Quieter Cities

Noise means strain on both people and the environment. Electric trucks make it possible to significantly lower noise levels and noise-related pollution.

Cleaner City Air

Electromobility is an important part of Volvo Trucks' ambition to move towards our vision of zero emissions and we are working with cities around the world that are actively seeking to improve air quality.

Better Working Days

Electric trucks make life easier for drivers. A quieter drive and zero exhaust emissions make for a significantly improved working environment. Electric trucks provide full power and torque from standstill and notably lower driveline induced vibrations, creating a pleasant driving experience.

Better Traffic Flow

Quieter trucks can make it possible to perform a wide range of assignments during off-peak hours such as early mornings, late evenings or even at night. This reduces the burden on the roads during peak traffic hours.

Providing new charging options

CCS2 Connecter Now UL Certified

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The Volvo Lights Project

Volvo LIGHTS (Low Impact Green Heavy Transport Solutions) is a public-private partnership that serves as a proof point of the company's industry-leading mindset. The project involves 15 partners working together to transform freight operations at the facilities of the two United States' top trucking fleets.

Learn More About Volvo LIGHTS

YouTube Video

2/11/2020 | Volvo Trucks Magazine

How We’re Pioneering Electric Truck Transport

The electric future is here with the Volvo LIGHTS project. Along with other key organizations, we’re engineering trucks that run on renewable energy to make transportation more sustainable. Learn more about our zero-emission, heavy-duty transport solutions:

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02/11/2020 | Volvo Trucks Magazine

Dedicated to Making Electric Trucks a Reality

We’re working to make the commercial production of electric trucks possible through our Low Impact Green Heavy Transport Solutions (LIGHTS) partnership with a visionary group of organizations. Learn more about how we’re helping to bring large-scale electrification to the trucking industry:

Electromobility Videos

YouTube Video

06/03/2019 | Volvo Trucks Magazine

Sustainable solutions – the future of the transport industry

“Right now we believe that with the technology we have at hand, electromobility – based upon renewable energy, is the way forward,” says Peter Voorhoeve, President of Volvo Trucks North America.

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05/11/2019 | Volvo Trucks Magazine

VNR Electric – commercializing an electric product

“We have customers that are demanding sustainable solutions and Volvo sees the opportunity to introduce a sustainable electric premium truck offer” says Brett Pope, Director, Electric Vehicles North America.

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03/27/2019 | Volvo Trucks Magazine

LIGHTS Project – demonstrating zero-emission heavy-duty battery-electric trucks

“Volvo is the prime contractor to produce twenty-three electric trucks and work with partners to make sure that we have a zero-emission footprint around key facilities and freight applications,” says Keith Brandis, VP Partnerships & Strategic Solutions

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03/27/2019 | Volvo Trucks Magazine

Cross-sector partners are key to the LIGHTS Project

“When it comes to rolling out advanced technologies or disruptive technologies that are facing our industry having the right people in the room is extremely important,” says Aravind Kailas, Ph.D., Director, Advanced Technology Policy.

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