Even when times are slow, work is always “picking up” for Allen Loveday. Unlike most drivers, Loveday’s truck isn’t equipped for hauling a trailer or cargo box; his 2013 VHD daycab serves as the foundation for a 33-ton National 1400 Crane.

As a veteran crane operator, driving trucks has been just part of the job, since most larger cranes are transported to the jobsite in several pieces. In addition to hauling crane parts, Loveday’s experience includes hydraulic truck cranes that can be driven on the highway, and rough-terrain cranes typically hauled on a lowbed tractor-trailer.

After more than 30 years hauling and operating cranes around the country, Loveday opted to work locally, joining Greensboro-based Guy M. Turner Inc. in 2012. Covering the Carolinas and Virginia, Loveday still operates a wide range of crane equipment, but his “regular” ride is the VHD-based crane. Light construction lifts such as placing air-conditioning units on building roofs, or cellular tower assembly/maintenance are common tasks for his VHD.

Loveday’s key motivation for staying local was to spend more time with his son, pursuing outdoor recreation and ATV riding opportunities near his Greensboro home. “We really enjoy the Hatfield-McCoy Trails in West Virginia,” said Loveday.

While rough trail riding is Loveday’s hobby, he prefers the comfort of his VHD 200 at work. “After driving other trucks for 4-5 hours, you feel like you’re barely crawling out of the cab,” says Loveday. “With the Volvo, once you get the seat set up, at the end of the day it’s like you’ve been relaxing on your couch. I seriously appreciate the user-friendliness and comforts of the VHD.”

The Truck

Model: VHD 200
Year: 2013
Engine: Volvo D13
Transmission: Volvo I-Shift
Body: 33-ton National 1400 Crane
Loads: A/C Units,
Building Materials

The Driver

Name: Allen Loveday
Age: 54
Lives in: Greensboro,
North Carolina
Company: Guy M. Turner, Greensboro, North Carolina
Background: A veteran crane operator with three years operating trucks
and cranes at Turner.