I Am A Volvo Trucker has been a thriving social community for the last three years. The idea behind the community was to create a platform for like-minded Volvo truckers to share photos and stories. Now you will have the opportunity to learn more about Volvo Trucks and topics that matter to you through our new social hub.

On a weekly basis we’ll be writing about topics that matter to you, a few of which are:

  • Driver Productivity. Volvo Trucks are synonymous with productivity. From the smooth ride to the easy handling, we build our trucks with the driver’s needs in mind and that’s why we’ll explore how to drive for better fuel efficiency, productivity and safety.
  • Environmental Care. We’re proud to be part of an industry that’s vital to society. At the same time, we recognize that heavy-duty trucks use natural resources and create emissions that affect environmental quality. That’s why we’re going to explore how Volvo Trucks is committed to delivering the cleanest and most fuel-efficient trucks on the road today.
  • Fuel Efficiency. The benefits of increased fuel efficiency are simple: you save money and reduce CO2 emissions. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. We’ll offer up tips on engine and transmission performance, the routes you take and the drivers you hire and train.
  • Safety. At Volvo Trucks, safety is at the heart of all we do. Volvo’s commitment to safety helps drive the success of your business by putting the well-being of drivers and their families first. We’ll talk about the ways we are helping keep everyone safe – from accident avoidance to driver protection.
  • Uptime. Your time means money, that’s why Volvo Trucks Uptime Services saves you both. We’ll explore the expansive dealer network, Remote Diagnostics, Uptime support, and protection plans that make up Volvo Trucks Uptime Services.
  • Culture. Occasionally, we will provide our viewers an insider’s look into Volvo Trucks North America. This could take place inside our New River Valley plant in Dublin, Virginia where we assemble all Volvo trucks sold in North America or behind the scenes footage of video and photography shoots – a look inside the making of our marketing.

In the spirit of Volvo Trucks’ commitment to innovation, launching a blog is our next step to innovate how we share information with you. We thank you for being a part of I Am A Volvo Trucker and look forward to you being an important part of our blog moving forward.