A comfortable driver is a productive driver. We know that you’re on the road for the majority of the day, so the VNL’s interior is specifically designed to keep you relaxed and happy. Equipped with a solid chassis, smooth-riding air suspension and a well-insulated cab, Volvo’s VNL interior helps you feel at home while you’re coast-to-coast cruising.

Catch Some Z’s
With sleepers ranging from 42’ to 77’ inches, the VNL series provides a cozy spot to get some shut-eye after a long day of driving. The larger sleepers provide room for two bunks, with the lower bunk opening up to a large workstation where you can work, eat, and kick back. Our largest sleepers, the Volvo VNL 730 and 780 models, can accommodate a full-size mattress.

Prepare To Be Entertained
A flat-panel TV mount lets you enjoy your favorite shows and movies from the comfort of your bunk. The mount accommodates a 19-inch LCD TV on the Volvo VNL 630 and 670 models and a 22-inch LCD TV on the 730 and 780 models.

Snacks And Refreshments Available
Enjoy a hot meal or a cold drink at any time. The cabinets can be configured to hold a refrigerator and microwave.

Connect And Enjoy
Included in the wraparound dashboard design, expandable audio systems let you connect with your iPhone, Bluetooth, USB, AUX, and XM Radio. Create and enjoy a soundtrack to your drive.

Don’t Move A Muscle
Adjust bunk heating and cooling and the audio system from the sleeper control panel. You don’t even need to get up.

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