Volvo Trucks Customer Center

New River Valley, Virginia


The Ultimate Customer Experience

Inviting you to explore Volvo Trucks in a engaging and immersive way, the Volvo Trucks Customer Center is designed to offer a unique brand experience that only Volvo can offer. Learn from product experts, ride and drive trucks, and tour our New River Valley production plant.

Discover The Center

Custom designed

Product Showroom

The 36,000 square-foot custom-designed facility includes a product showroom, two exhibit rooms, two pilot review rooms and a theater-in-the-round at the center of the building seating 290. The theater-in-the-round revolves and has an 82-foot turntable.

Ride and Drive

Customer Experience Track

Covering more than 1 mile, the Customer Experience Track has been developed to provide a real test where our trucks can be safely operated by our potential customers.

see your truck

Pilot Review

Review, inspect and explore your Volvo truck with product expert in a dedicated area that includes a 70,000 lb. truck lift, product lighting and a large projector screen.

Tailor Your Experience

You have the opportunity to make your visit to the Volvo Trucks Customer Center truly unique. See our latest product innovations like Active Driver Assist 2.0, Adaptive Loading, and T-Ride articulation in action. Take a test drive Customer Experience Track, both on highway and off-road. Explore the New River Valley production plant, where we build every Volo truck. To create a one-of-a-kind experience, please work with your local dealer to customize your visit based on your specific needs and requests.

See The Latest Product Innovations

Inside the Volvo Trucks Customer Center, you'll find the latest innovations in safety, uptime, driver productivity, and fuel efficiency that we offer. See our Swedish Crash Impact Cab, our SuperTruck, and other exhibits like our cutaway interior cabs and steering wheel kiosks that feature our new driver information display (DID).

Visit The Volvo Trucks Merchandise Store

While you're at the Center, please visit our Volvo Merchandise Store where you'll find the right apparel for pretty much any occasion. Grab our new Iron Mark collection or a scale model VNL to commemorate your visit.

A Unique Experience

Volvo Trucks Customer Center

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