Industry-leading. Just in case.


To make sure that our trucks are the safest on the road, we combine advanced engineering with active and passive safety systems. Built to pass the demanding Swedish Cab Safety Test, our high-strength steel (HSS) cabs have the industry’s highest strength-to-weight ratio, and are designed to absorb as much of a crash’s energy as possible to protect the driver. To further protect occupants, the steering column collapses and the engine and transmission drop down and away from the driver.

It's a matter of life

Volvo is Safety


if you're in a crash, no technology can prevent all injuries. But we go to great lengths to design, build, and test our trucks - inside and out - to the industry's highest safety standard.


Volvo was the first commercial truck manufacturer to introduce driver-side air bag in 1994. Today we remain the only OEM offering driver-side air bags as standard equipment on our trucks.