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D16 Overview

Maximum Performance & Load

Volvo's ultra-reliable D16 delivers the power and torque needed to move large payloads with ease, even on steep grades.

Volvo Power

500-600 hp, 1650-2050 lb-ft

The big-block D16 offers five available power ratings up to 600 hp and 2050 lb·ft of torque. A heavy-spec XE16 package is rated for combination weights up to 143,000 pounds.


Reliable Architecture

Proven across billions of miles in markets around the globe, Volvo's engine architecture provides a solid, reliable foundation that keeps trucks on the road, producing revenue.


Line Haul, Heavy Haul

Designed to deliver maximum performance and the largest payloads, the D16 is ideal for extreme applications including long combination vehicles and heavy specialized hauling.

Oversize, overlength, or overweight, nothing is standard with heavy-haul jobs; but power, efficiency, and control are all standard features on the VNX powertrain. Volvo's 2017 family of engines builds on a foundation of proven, mature architecture, leveraging innovative hardware to maximize efficiency. Volvo’s ultra-reliable D16 delivers the power and torque needed to move large payloads with ease, even on steep grades.

A standard hybrid common rail fuel injection system gets the most power out of every drop of fuel. Our reliable variable geometry turbocharger compresses and moves the intake air while providing the correct back pressure to drive the EGR process.


Get The Right Power for the Job

Get the right amount of power for the job with our wide selection of torque packages.

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Volvo Powertrain

Truck Models Using 16L Powertrain

Sold in the VNL and VNX, the D16 is the perfect choice for applications that demand maximizing performance and payload, while minimizing costs.

Why Volvo

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The Intelligent Volvo Engine Brake (I-VEB) delivers quiet, effective braking at and below 1500 rpm, the range where drivers most often operate. It allows faster downhill travel with complete control.


Volvo’s SCR engine leads the industry in using fully passive regeneration to deliver near-zero missions of NOx and particulates. This process happens automatically in most highway applications, so your drivers don’t need any special training — saving your fleet both time and money.


Offering an impressive mix of power, efficiency, and value, all Volvo's 2017 engines are OBD 2016-compliant and built on a foundation of proven, developed architecture that leverages innovative hardware to maximize efficiency.

Intelligent Shifting

The Volvo I-Shift makes drivers more productive, always monitoring grade, speed, weight, and engine load, shifting when necessary or holding a gear - whichever saves more fuel.

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